The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 63

Chapter 63

It was dead silent at the entrance of the military region. Nobody dared utter a word.

Just then, a horn sounded.

Everyone turned to look.

Everyone’s expression brightened again! Why were they leaving? The soldiers and lieutenant at the entrance straightened up and saluted.

“Good day, sir!”

As one, their voices were bright and resounding.

Gladys wound her window down and stuck her head out again.

Poorly-concealed excitement and pride were written all over her face.

As the car approached, the moguls queueing up parted and gave way.

Gladys even craned her head and waved to the soldiers on either side.

“Good job, boys.Good job!”

With her mannerisms, she resembled an officer.

The car exited the military region.It stopped in front of the Callahans, who were still at the entrance.

Gladys opened the door and stepped out of the car.She held her head high,

glowing with pride.

Beaming brilliantly, she said “Dad, let’s go home.I’ve seen what’s in there.There’s nothing much..”

All the Callahans looked ashen, their expressions muted.

No one said anything.

They knew that Gladys was showing off.

Gladys glanced at Megan, noticing that Colson was not with her.

In honeyed tones, she said “Megan, where’s your boyfriend? Where’s Colson?

Didn’t he get us an invitation? Was the invitation a counterfeit? The Oswalds can’t even compare with my son-in- law, who’s trash..”

Megan turned pale, grinding her teeth.She had no response to Gladys’ jibe.

Gladys was overjoyed seeing Megan’s expression. Take all the credit for my son-in-law then. I bet you’re regretting it now! “Dad, what’s wrong? You don’t look so good.Why don’t you get into the Lunar Shine and take a breather? It doesn’t have AC though.With such hot weather, would you be able to take it?” “Enough!” Howard shouted. “Gladys, what’s all this? Are you trying to make things worse?” Gladys planted her hands on her hips, pointing at Howard. “What are you shouting about? Just because you’re the eldest son and have the most power, you belittle us constantly.Just because you live in the villa with dad,

you say whatever you want.My son-in- law got us the invitation, but you claimed the credit for yourself.How dare you insult Thea and our family after that?”

Gladys had hated them for a long time.

“James is just a soldier.He has no money or power, but so what? Asa soldier, he has comrades and superiors too.Let me tell you something.James called his superior because you claimed his credit as your own.His superior informed the Western Border Patrol to invalidate the Callahans’ invitation..”

Gladys felt so much better after saying all that.

Now, she did not even care if Lex got angry and revoked their remaining shares.She understood Howard and his family all too well.

With them in the picture, Benjamin’s shares would not belong to him for a long time anyway.

They would have been revoked in no time! The Callahans were speechless.They had nothing to say.

Lex, on the other hand, finally realized that everything James said was true.He had promised to get them an invitation.He kept his word.

“I’m a fool.I’m a fool….”

Lex smacked his forehead regretfully.

Megan approached Lex, supporting him.She said “Grandfather, calm down.She’s just spouting nonsense..”

“Exactly,” Tommy said.

“Colson got us the invitation with the Oswald name.All we did was anger the higher authorities with our lavish display..”

“Gladys is taking this opportunity to sow discord..”

“She’s just unhappy that some of her shares were revoked..”

The Callahans chimed in one after another, hurling insults at Gladys.

“Gladys, you’ve crossed the line.Apologize to dad at once..”

Gladys looked dismissive.

“Apologize? He has cast us out of the family.We’re no longer part of the Callahans.Why should I apologize? I’m telling you now, I don’t even want the shares anymore.If you want it, take it.I’ll live my best life even after leaving the family!”

Gladys had had enough over the years.

This was her final stand.She ignored Lex completely.

He was just a power-hungry, stubborn old fool.

She got into the car as soon as she finished speaking.

“James, let’s enter the military region once more to take a turn.No, a few more turns.I want Lex to regret casting us out of the family”

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