The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 64

Chapter 64

James did not expect that he would one day end up as someone else’s driver. However, he felt like whatever Gladys was doing was cathartic, even for him.He drove into the military region once more.He went in and came out, repeating the cycle a few times.

The Callahans turned pale, their anger written all over their faces.

The other moguls enjoyed the show.

Daniel looked resigned.

James was the Black Dragon.

Why was he behaving like a nobody who had never been exposed to anything?

How embarrassing would it be if word about his actions got back to the Capital?

However, James felt great.

His days now were free and easy.

James exited again.

Just as he was about to enter, Thea stopped him.

“Jamie, that’s enough.You’re holding up the line..”

James turned around to look at Gladys.He asked “Are you satisfied yet, mom?”

“Haha.Yes, absolutely!”

Gladys was grinning from ear to ear.

That felt good! It was the proudest she had felt in years.

All the millionaires from the five regions were looking at her.

How cool was that! James said “If you’re happy now, I must return the car.It doesn’t belong to me..”

Gladys’ smile froze.

However, since James did borrow the car to make her proud, she did not mock him further.She said “I’m good.Let’s go..”

“Got it..”

James drove away with the Callahans and the moguls from the five regions watching him.

After dropping Thea and Gladys at home, he headed to the House of Royals.He parked the car before taking a cab to the Callahans. Before he could enter, he heard Gladys’ laughter. “Haha, it was hilarious.You didn’t see the Callahans.They looked like they had egg on their faces.It was so funny..” “Mom, James messed up.Are you going to make the same mistake?” David

said angrily.

“How could you say that about grandfather? It wasn’t easy for us to get the shares.Now, grandfather must be so angry.He’ll definitely revoke the rest of the shares now..”

“So be it..”

Gladys did not care at all.

“The old man has never treated Benjamin well, thinking that he’suseless.Furthermore, with Howard whispering into the old man’s ear, he would have revoked our shares anyway..”

Gladys knew each and every member of the Callahan family well enough.

“Mom, why? We’re talking about money here! Why are we rejecting money?”

Alyssa looked unhappy as well.It was almost the end of the month.

When the dividends came in, they would only get five percent, but it was better than nothing.

Now, it was all gone.

The door was open.

James walked in.

“James, you’re home.Come, sit….”

Gladys greeted him warmly.She had let it go.

So what if she had no shares? She still had some savings.She planned to set a clinic up for James.

Based on his skills, he would still be able to make a living.

David and Alyssa looked murderous.

Their eyes looked like laser beams.


Thea moved slightly, making room for James.

“James, I’ve thought about it.I’ve got more than two million dollars.Thea gave it to me previously.Let’s set up a clinic and a pharmacy.We can make a living that way.It’s better than bowing down to the Callahans all the time.And Benjamin,

quit your job at Eternality.I refuse to believe we’d starve just because we left the family..”

James glanced at Gladys.He did not think much about his mother-in-law. To him, she was just a woman who coveted wealth and nothing else.

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