The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Now, James wondered if Gladys was a product of her circumstances. James nodded, saying “Setting up a clinic is easy.However, I think we should wait.I heard that the trade center in the city would be looking for foreign investors.We can set up a clinic there..”

Smack! Gladys smacked him on the head.

“Do you know what sort of place the trade center is? It’s an upscale place designed to be the nation’s busiest financial center.Are you crazy? How are we supposed to set up a clinic there? The rental fee would be sky- high, not to mention all the expenses..”

James touched his head ruefully.

Rent? He was going to purchase the entire trade center.

If he decided to set up a clinic there, who would demand rent from him?

However, he smartly kept his mouth shut.

If he told them that he would purchase the trade center, they would think him a fool.

As soon as David heard that Gladys was going to fund James’ clinic, he panicked. Immediately, he said “Mom, you can’t do this.You’ll lose everything if you invest in this piece of trash.You promised me a new car with the money.How could you do this to me?”

“Mom, our wedding anniversary is coming up.What about the dress you promised me?”

“That’s enough,” Gladys scolded.

“If you’re poor, don’t spend on what you can’t afford.Do you need a new car?

Why do you need a new dress? Aren’t you familiar with your financial situation?

Besides, this money was Thea’s anyway..”

“Mom, you’re biased.I’m your son.He’s just your son-in-law..”

Gladys smacked David on his head.

“Look at Tommy.He’s working at Eternality as a department manager.And John’s son Weston Callahan has set up his own processing plant even though he’s not with Eternality.He has an annual income exceeding ten million.What about you?

What have you done?”

David did not have the guts to argue.He merely glared at James with hatred. Thea smiled but said nothing.

Seeing as Gladys approved of James, she was happy.
Alyssa tugged on David gently, giving him a look.
Immediately, she apologized.
“Sorry, mom.We’ll stick to what we have.We won’t be getting a new car or a dress..”

Knock knock knock! Just then, someone knocked on the door. Gladys sat down on the couch and looked at David. “Well, don’t just sit around.Get the door!” “Oh, yes!” David stood up and opened the door. A few people were standing outside.They were not strangers but familiar faces. It was Lex, Howard, John, and a few other important family members. All of them came bearing small gifts. Howard smiled.

“Davie! Are your parents home?”
Gladys’ voice rang out from within.
“Who is it, Dave?”

David replied “It’s grandfather and our uncles..”

Gladys rose immediately, making her way to the entrance.

As soon as she saw the crowd gathered outside, she said sarcastically “How rare! We’ve had this house for so many years, yet this is the first time you’ve visited.I don’t think our tiny hut will fit all of you..”

After that, she pointed outside.

“Get lost..”

“Come on, Gladys.Please drop it.Dad’s here to apologize,” Howard said.

“Think about it.Old as he is, dad has come to apologize in person.Are you really going to not invite him in? If word gets out, everyone will say that you’re a terrible daughter -in -law..”

“They can say whatever they want.People have insulted me plenty over the years anyway,” Gladys said disdainfully.

“What are you doing here? Now that you know James has some power, are you here to suck up to him? Sorry for disappointing you.He’s just a soldier without any rank.Even though his superior can pull some strings and is familiar with the Western Border Patrol, he can only borrow the car once.He can’t do it again..”

Gladys knew exactly why Lex was here.

Not caring that he was her elder, she snubbed him.

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