The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 66

Chapter 66

“Mom, what are you doing? What’s with the attitude? How could you treat grandfather this way?”

“Yeah, who do you think you are?”

“Kneel and apologize to grandfather now..”

The Callahans took turns to criticize Gladys.

Gladys changed her tune at once.

Smiling, she said “Dad, my house is too small for you since it’s not a villa.We haven’t got many chairs either.Since there’ll be no space inside the house, I think you should stay outside.We can discuss whatever it is you came to discuss here.Oh, and you brought gifts too! Davie, where are your manners?

Take the gifts!”

“Okay! “

David accepted the gifts from the Callahans.

However, there were so many gifts that he could not take them all.He shouted “Lyssa, help!”

David passed Alyssa the gifts in his arms before reaching out for more.

Lex tried his best to remain calm.

Leaning on his cane, he said “Gladys, we’re family.Whatever differences we had in the past, we should let them go.I’m here to reinstate you as part of the family..”

“Dad, it’s fine..”

Gladys waved her hand.

“This is great for us! At the very least, we won’t have to live by your rules anymore.As we’re able-bodied, we’ll survive even without you..”

“Gladys, how can you….”

“What? Howard, let me remind you that this isn’t the villa.You lack the authority to order me around here..”

Overhearing the argument from inside the house, James smiled.

Thea was slightly anxious.

They were a family after all. Why was her mom making things so awkward? She got up and approached the entrance. “Mom, forget about it..”

“Forget about it?”

Gladys roared.

“Haven’t you been through enough? Have you forgotten how they used to mock and humiliate you?”


Thea turned beet red, not knowing what to say. Gladys turned back to Lex.

“Dad, we don’t want the shares anymore, much less listen to you.You can leave now..”


She shut the door in their faces.

The Callahans turned pale.

Howard pointed at the closed door, shaking from head to toe in anger.

“Dad, look at them! Gladys is terrible!”

Relentlessly, John knocked on the door.

He shouted “Benjamin, you worthless b*stard! Where are you? Open up! Dad’s here!”

However, the door remained firmly shut despite his continuous knocking. “This is horrible..”

“How could they do this?”

“Grandfather, why do we want them back in the family? Just let them be..”

“I agree.Now that we’ve signed the contract with Celestial once more, I don’t think they will back out.There’s a huge penalty for breaking the contract..”

“Dad, come on.Let’s go..”

The Callahans shared their opinions one after another.

Lex sighed deeply.

“Let’s just wait till they cool down..”

After that, he walked away, leaning on his cane.

In the house.

Gladys examined the gifts from the Callahans.

“Ooh, Citronelle.”

“Look, it’s a box of limited-edition Yellow Crane! It must have cost tens of thousands.”

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