The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 70

Chapter 70

Using his electric motorcycle, James took Thea to a large-scale job fair nearby.

Once they arrived, Thea said “Jamie, why don’t you wait for me outside? I’ll take a look by myself..”

James said jokingly “Why? Am I an embarrassment to you?”

Thea hurriedly explained “Of course not.It’s just that it might take a long time.I’m worried that you’ll feel bored.There’s an Internet cafe nearby.Why don’t you play some games there? I’ll call you when I’ve finished..”

Thea pushed James gently.

As a woman, she had read many books on relationships even though she had no prior experience.

All the books stated that men hated to wander around aimlessly with women.She was honestly worried that he would get bored.

“I don’t know how to play any games.I’ll come with you.I’ll be worried if I’m not with you since you’re so pretty..”

James smiled.

Thea felt warm inside.She nodded like she was a chick pecking at grains. Whatever she said, she had hoped that James would stay with her. Both of them entered the job fair together.

Several companies had set up their recruitment booths there.

There were young adults in suits and ties or professional dresses walking about, trying to find a position suitable for them among all the companies.

James asked “Thea, what type of job are you looking for?”

Thea said “Let’s take a look.As long as it’s suitable, I don’t mind the nature of the job.I don’t have much working experience anyway.As long as the company hires me, I don’t mind starting at an entry-level position.I’ll take it as a learning experience.Besides, I’m confident in my abilities.I believe I’ll get promoted soon enough no matter where I am..”

“Why don’t you call Alex and ask him for a job at Celestial?”

“Oh no.He’s a busy, important man.He won’t have time for me..”

Thea shook her head slightly.

“You saved his life, but he’s no longer indebted to you.Furthermore, we can’t depend on other people our whole lives.We should fight for what we want on our own..” James was satisfied with Thea’s reply.He was lucky to have such an intellectual wife like Thea. “Darling, we’ve got our marriage certificate, but we haven’t had our wedding ceremony yet.Let’s pick an auspicious day and have a wedding ceremony.I promise you’ll be the happiest bride on earth.Our wedding ceremony will be grand!” “There’s no rush..” Thea waved a hand. “Let’s work hard for a few years and get a house.Then we’ll talk about the ceremony..”

James did not say anything else.


Just then, Thea spotted a company that was recruiting.

There was a suitable position for her.It was the position of a fashion designer.

She had been interested in beauty and aesthetics since she was young.

However, the accident ten years ago caused her disfigurement, and she became the ugliest woman in Cansington.

One always craved the unattainable, and Thea hungered for beauty above all else.

As such, she majored in fashion design at university.She loved discovering the beauty in everything and designing pretty clothes to compensate for her flaws.

Besides fashion design, she had also dabbled in sales, accounting, finance, and marketing.

Throughout the past ten years, she learned as much as she could.

However, among everything she tried her hand at, she was most passionate about fashion design.She grabbed James’ arm, pointing ahead.

“Jamie, that’s Ella Corporation.SOL under them is a luxury brand well-known globally.I’m thinking of being a fashion designer at Ella Corporation..”

Thea looked excited.She was bouncing on her feet.

When she was ugly, she searched for beauty in everything subconsciously.She was intimately familiar with these fashion companies and brands.

“Go for it.I have faith that you’ll get the job!”


Thea nodded and took a deep breath, willing herself to calm down. After that, she approached Ella Corporation’s recruitment area.

Ella Corporation was a large, international company.

All the other companies only had one table for their recruitment, but Ella Corporation had a whole setup complete with a facade.

There was a long queue at the entrance.

Everyone was waiting to hand in his or her resume and get interviewed. Self-consciously, Thea stood in line.

After more than an hour, it was finally her turn.

There was a man in his thirties sitting on a chair.

Wearing a suit and tie, he was busy organizing information, wanting nothing more than to go home.

Even as he heard footsteps approaching, he did not look up.He said “Please place your resume on the table and await further notice.Someone will be in touch to arrange for an interview at the office if you get through the initial screening.”

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