The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 76

Chapter 76 In the office. Hank took off all his clothes. He walked to the bathroom and pushed the door, only to discover it was locked. “She’s quite alert,” he bit out viciously. Knocking on the door, he shouted, “Thea, open up!” In the bathroom. Thea kept splashing her face and even her head with water. Her clothes were soaking wet, clinging to her body and putting her curves on full display. However, the drugs were powerful. No amount of water could negate their effects. She grew warmer and warmer. She felt as if bugs were crawling inside her, a primal desire rising. She had never felt desire like this before.

She squatted on the floor, pulling at her clothes and scratching at her skin. Outside the door, Hank’s voice rang out. “Come on, Thea, open up. You want it, don’t you? I’ll make you feel better if you open the door…” Hank kept teasing her from the outside. Thea still had her wits about her. She knew that she could not give in. She had a husband. Her husband was James. She would never give herself to anyone else except James. She sat on the floor, her face as red as a tomato. She looked like she was in pain. Hank had been calling out for minutes, but Thea still did not open the door. He was so angry that he started kicking the door. He wanted to kick it down. Anyway, everyone had gone home. There was no one around. Even if he made a racket, no one would know. He could always get someone to repair the door the next day.

How could be pass on this golden opportunity? He kicked the door repeatedly, Once, twice, thrice. Every kack sent Thea’s heart juddering After a few minutes, he finally managed to kick the door down. He swallowed as he saw Thea squatting on the floor, soaking wet. Her face was beet red. Immediately, she hugged herself Looking at her, he said playfully. “How do you feel? Terrible? Beg me for it. Beg me and I’ll help you out.” He no longer wanted to rush things. This was his office. He could do whatever he wanted with Thea. Smiling, he took his phone out and started recording. He bent down and forced Thea’s arms away from her body, tearing her shirt open. There was a ripping sound. Thea’s buttons popped, revealing white lace and pink skin. “Perfect. Absolutely perfect.” Hank admired Thea. He was going to take his time. He wanted to wait till Thea could barely take it, begging him to take her instead. “Beg me, Thea. Beg me to take you.” Thea felt dizzy. She wanted to respond, but her instincts told her to keep her mouth shut. She bit her tongue, using pain to keep her last ounce of logic about her. She knew that James was coming.

After James received Thea’s call, he stole a car and raced to Ella Corporation at top speed, disregarding all traffic lights and rules. “Hey, who are you? It’s after office hours.” James walked into Ella Corporation furiously. A few security guards approached, shouting, “You, freeze!” James clenched his fist and punched one of them. The guard flew a few meters away. He smacked into the ground and lost consciousness. “Someone’s causing trouble, quick…” Some of the guards called for backup. James came up to a guard, lifting him off the ground. Coldly, he asked, “Where’s the human resources manager’s office?” He resembled a beast at that moment. His eyes were red. He radiated hostility. The guard was so terrified he wet himself and started shivering. “O on the third floor.” James tossed him aside. Just then, several guards approached with electric batons. James clenched his fists and rushed at them. He knocked them out mercilessly, his face a hard mask They were defeated in no time, lying on the ground with broken limbs, moaning in pain. James rushed up the stairs to the third floor. He saw the manager’s office. Inside the office

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