The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 84

Chapter 84 David did not dare to say a word after being yelled at. His hatred toward James secretly brewed in his heart. ‘Mom wasn’t like this in the past. She would lower her head and beg the Callahans for the money. Now, she doesn’t bat an eye even with the money being sent right to her door. ‘Everything changed because of James,’ thought David. The visit from Howard’s family had completely ruined the family dinner. After dinner, the family sat on the sofa and watched the replay of the Blithe King’s succession ceremony while James cleaned the dishes in the kitchen. David approached Thea and whispered, “Thea, you have to persuade Mom. It’s all money. Do you know what twenty percent of the family shares means? On top of that, Grandpa is giving you back the position of executive chairman.

Do you know how much authority you’d have? Aren’t you aware of how much money our uncle took in secret as the executive chairman these past few years? Tommy doesn’t even work but drives a car worth more than a million dollars.” David was extremely jealous of Tommy. They were all from the Callahans, yet there was such a huge difference between them. Now was their chance to climb high, but his mom suddenly became dense and did not even want the money sent to their doorstep. Thea did not want the family relationship to be so cold. She knew her grandfather very well. He was just a little prideful and really wanted to lead the Callahans to the top, becoming a rich and powerful household. Over the years, everyone in the Callahans had worked toward achieving Lex’s goal. “I’ll talk to her.” “You must convince Mom!” “I’ll try my best.” Thea got up and sat beside Gladys. “Mom!” Gladys, who was focused on the ‘TV, turned around and looked at her. “Yeah? Is something the matter? “Mom, haven’t you always wanted to be able to raise your head proudly in front of your malden family.

This time will be a good opportunity Grandpa wants us to return to the family and will pive us plenty of shares. I’ll also be able to continue being the executive chairman. You’ll be able to tell your maiden family with your chin held high if I’m the executive chariah, right?” said’thed. Gladys sighed gently. “Urgh Thea, don’t you already know what kind of person your grandíather is? He is being generous now because he needs you. When you’re no longer valuable to him, he’ll get rid of you. He’ll take back the shares he’s giving to us sooner or later.” “It’s a matter of the future, and we can figure out something when the time comes,” Thea tried her best to persuade her. “Mom, I’m sorry I’ve been an embarrassment to you over the years. It’s because of me that you couldn’t raise your head in front of the Callahans and outsiders,” Thea choked up on her words “You shouldn’t blame yourself. Without you, your grandfather would not even look at your father. Your father is useless and didn’t fight for anything. It’s the reason his status in the family is so low. All the other family members are working in Eternality, buying cars and houses, while your dad had to get a mortgage for our house,” Gladys said with disappointment on her face. Benjamin was excellent in all aspects when he was in school. She never expected him to be so timid and honest. He was a manager, but he refused to get involved in embezzlement. “Mom, let’s go back.” James finished washing the dishes, and he overheard the conversation when he walked out of the kitchen. “You don’t have to be so anxious, Thea. The Callahans are begging you right now. Since Mom and Dad have always been disrespected in the family for all these years, this would be a good opportunity to take back what is rightfully yours.” “You talk too much, trash! I’m warning you, James. You shouldn’t be interrupting our family affairs!” David cursed and growled. Initially, David had a bit of goodwill toward James because he helped to persuade Gladys to buy him a car Now, he only had hatred toward him. James sat down, took out a cigarette, and lit it. He also handed one to Benjamin who was focused on watching TV “Dad, have a cigarette”

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