The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Benjamin took it and glanced at Gladys. Then, he stood up and went to the balcony to smoke. James was also not really bothered. He took a deep puff and exhaled the smoke through his nose. “Since you want to fight for some benefits, you might as well get a little more. Trust me, Mom. When they come back again, you should directly ask for half of the Callahans’ shares. You can go back if they agree, and if they don’t, then you don’t go back,” James said indifferently “What…what kind of nonsense is that? Do you know how big the Callahans’ family business is? Do you even know how much fifty percent of the family shares is?” David rebuked. “James, don’t add on to the mess,” Thea scolded. Unexpectedly, Gladys straightened her back and agreed, “I think what James said makes perfect sense! They’ll have to give fifty percent to persuade me. After all, I don’t really care to go back. I’ll only consider if they’re going to offer fifty percent. That will ensure that we have the final say in the Callahans!” “Mom, that’s impossible. Grandpa will never agree to it.” “That’s right, Mom.

Twenty percent is more than enough. Think about it, that’s worth more than one million dollars per month. Plus, Thea will also be getting her salary. Our family will be able to afford a villa in less than a year!” Gladys was also shaken. James interrupted, “Mom, you should be firm in your decision. This is the best opportunity for you to raise your status to become the one to call the shots in the Callahans. You’ll never have a better chance if you miss it this time.” “Fifty percent? Will it be too much to ask for? Do you think the old man will agree?” Gladys asked doubtfully. “I’m sure you’re aware of the Celestial Group’s influence in Cansington. They’re just one of the subsidiaries of the Yates from the capital. The market value of the Celestial Group alone is a hundred billion, so you can imagine the collective market value of all the Yates’ businesses combined. “As for the Callahans, their total assets added up would only amount to about one billion dollars. Additionally, most of them are fixed assets. A contract with the Yates would guarantee a rapid increase of the Callahans’ assets.

Although Grandpa is stubborn, he isn’t stupid,” James explained James paused momentarily and continued, “The commercial city is a high-end commercial and financial center that is incredibly hard for a small business like the Callahans to enter, but grandpa is very proud To satisfy his ego, he dreams of making the Callahans a wealthy and powerful family capable of entering the commercial city. He won’t want to lose the chance to have the Yales as a backbone “Therefore, he needs Thea to go back to be in charge of the Callahans’ cooperation with the Celestial Group to ensure a long term partnership.” James analyzed the pros and cons one by one, making very reasonable arguments Everyone was convinced by his words. “So, as long as Thea continues to serve as the executive chairman of Eternality, the Callahans will have an increase in orders and assets. Grandpa will surely be able to do the maths.” Gladys immediately decided after hearing James’s analysis. “Alright! Then, we will ask for fifty percent! You’re the best son-in-law and our family’s savior! Our family would not be disrespected and have no status if Benjamin had brains like yours! James smiled lightly, whereas David threatened, “I hope your advice is useful, or else I won’t spare you if we lose the twenty percent!” After trying to intimidate James, David quickly turned to Gladys with a smile.

“Mom, seeing that we’re about to get fifty percent of family shares and will be rich very soon, what about the car? Gladys glared at David. David quickly turned to James and motioned for him to persuade Gladys. James smiled and said, “Mom, David is right. Our family does need a better car. You’ll be able to have your head high when you return to your parents’ house, right?” “Yeah, that does make sense. We’ll have to buy it then. Tomorrow it is!” Gladys said as she nodded. David glanced at James gratefully. ‘At least he is quite useful.’ James smiled faintly. Thea cared most about her family and prioritized her family’s opinion. Everything he did was to make the family a little more harmonious. He glanced at Thea and noticed a smile on her face that even she herself probably did not notice. It was a subconscious smile out of happiness. He was willing to do anything to make Thea happy.

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