The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 87

Chapter 87 “My real name is Scarlett Brooks, Commander,” Black Rose replied honestly. 

“Alright, Scarlett. I would like to purchase the cominercial city in Cansington. You’ll be in charge of it. Henry will assist you behind the scenes and prepare everything for you so you can purchase the place at the lowest price. All you will have to do is attract foreign investments and transform it into a top-tier financial center.” 

“Understood!” Scarlett nodded, not daring to refuse his order. 


“I’m all ears, James.” 

“Inform our men in the Southern Plains to investigate the ancient tomb of the Prince of Orchid Mountain and the mastermind who hired the Black Rose Gang to raid the tomb. Also, find out the identity of the murderer who stole the treasure and whether it was a Black Rose gang member or someone else,” James instructed. 

Henry nodded and walked out. Taking out his phone, he called the Southern Plains Headquarters and ordered them to use all available connections to investigate. 

James looked at Scarlett again. She had her head lowered, and her body trembled slightly. 

“Sit, don’t be so restrained.” He pointed at a chair. 

“L…I don’t dare to.” Scarlett was scared to the point of tears. 

The man before her was the Black Dragon that swept 18 countries at the borders and commanded the million-soldier Black Dragon Army. 

She did not dare to sit in front of him. 

“I already told you. The Black Dragon doesn’t exist in Cansington. I’m only James here.” 

“Okay, Ja…James.” 

Scarlett parted her trembling lips and uttered his name. 

Then, she sat down 

Tell me what happened at the ancient tomb,” James inquired. 

“Okay,” Scarlett nodded and explained. 

About three months ago, they received an employment payment and a map to rob an ancient tornb. After that, they spent a month researching before finally entering the ancient tomb. 

They went through a series of traps and arrived at the depths of the ancient tomb. 

Inside a crystal coffin, they found an ancient box with a key 

Suddenly, all their electronic equipment malfunctioned, and their flashlights failed. 

Soon, screams could be heard in the dark 

She was the closest to the ancient box and saw a figure approaching the crystal coffin. Panicking, she quickly picked up the box, but it was snatched from her. She managed to pull 

out the key inside the box. 

Shortly after retrieving the key, she was shot. 

She had no time to think and quickly escaped the ancient tomb with the key. 

Even since it happened, she had been trying to track down the person who snatched the ancient box 

She found some clues and traced them to Cansington. 

“I don’t know who this murderer is, but he was extremely strong. I would have definitely died in the ancient tomb if it weren’t for my nimble and quick reflexes. 

James listened carefully and tried to analyze the truth of her words. 

Henry walked in after passing on the order to the Southern Plains Headquarters and heard Scarlett’s story about what happened in the ancient tomb. 

James glanced at Henry. Henry had been with James for many years and immediately understood his intentions. He pulled out his gun and aimed it at the back of Scarlett’s head. 

Scarlett’s legs turned to rubber with fear and she instantly knelt with her smooth forehead on the ground. Her body trembled, and she begged for mercy, “I….I don’t know how I’ve angered the commander, but please spare my life!” 

James glanced at her and said indifferently, “Are there any lies in your story?” “There is no falsehood, Commander!” 

James waved his hands, and Henry quickly put away his gun. “Okay, you can get up. Since you’ve come to me for protection, you can work for me with peace of mind. Remember, this is Cansington. There is no Black Dragon or Black Rose here. I’m James, and you’re Scarlett. As for your identity, we’ll have to make it a little more exaggerated. After all, how would an ordinary person be able to buy the commercial city?” 

After James gave instructions, he got up and left. 

Scarlett finally sighed in relief after seeing him leave. 

Her smooth forehead was bruised and bleeding, while beads of sweat covered her pale face. 

Henry smiled and said, “You don’t have to be so nervous. James isn’t as scary as the rumors make him out to be. In fact, he treats his subordinates very well. As long as you work for him honestly and don’t betray him, you’ll be fine. However, if you do betray him, the consequences will be…” 

“I understand, I understand!” Scarlett nodded vigorously. 

“Let’s go complete the task he had ordered! We’ll have to purchase the trade center as soon as possible!

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