The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 89

Chapter 89 “Dad, what happened ten years ago? Are the Great Four related to the fire that engulfed the Cadens’ family ten years ago? 

The Frasier family members cried out. 

This guy was a grim reaper. 

He said that he was not going to spare anyone. Did that mean he was going to kill all of the Frasiers? 

After relaying the message to the Frasiers, James paid a visit to the Wilsons and Zimmermans. 

It was the same message. He wanted the culprits at the Cadens’ villa who caused the death of thirty-eight members of the Caden family to kneel in front of the Cadens’cemetery for ten days and redeem themselves with their deaths. 

Otherwise, no one in their family would be spared. 

The Xavier family of the Great Four had already perished, and the heads of the other three families were also dead. 

However, this was just the beginning, 

The three families panicked. 

The main members of the three households immediately gathered and sought Rowena to discuss countermeasures since she was the mastermind behind the incident. 

City Hospital, Rowena’s ward. 

She sustained severe injuries after taking a beating from James. There were several cuts on her face, and she was still hospitalized. Suddenly, the door of her ward opened, and James walked inside. 

Seeing James, Rowena rolled out of bed in fear. She hurriedly stood up and knelt on the ground. “C-Commander…” 

James locked the door and approached her. Then, he sat on a chair and looked at Rowena, who was shivering as she knelt on the ground. 

“Rowena, tell the remaining Xavier family members who were involved in the scheme against the Cadens to kneel at our family cemetery for ten full days. They can redeem themselves with their lives, and I’ll leave the others alone. Otherwise, none of the Xaviers will be spared. You won’t have to go. I’m giving you one month to find out the whereabouts of Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge.” 

“Commander, please forgive the Xaviers! 1 admit it was my fault! I made a grave mistake! Please let me use my life to repent for my sins! Please, could you spare my family?” 

Facing the powerful Black Dragon, Rowena did not have any anger and simply begged for mercy, 

“Twenty four people, 

“I remember very clearly. Apart from the deceased Warren, Trent, the head of the Frasiers, the 

head of Wilsons, and the head of Zimmermans, nineteen people are left. Excluding you, there are eighteen. These eighteen people better kneel for ten days and redeem themselves for this matter to be over. Otherwise…” James said indifferently. 

He stood up, turned around, and walked away. 

“I won’t spare even one. 

“So, do as I say. 

“The Black Dragon will keep his word. After these eighteen people kneel and redeem themselves, this matter will be over,” James said as he left through the door. 

Rowena knelt on the ground, and tears streamed down her face. 

She regretted everything. 

She believed that with James’ current power, he would follow through with his words and spare no one if she did not do as he said. 

Although she had already instructed the Xaviers to evacuate Cansington in advance, they were restricted from traveling. 

They could not leave by any means regardless of traveling by land, sea, or air. They were trapped in Cansington. 

Losing all her energy, she sat on her hospital bed and sobbed. 

Soon, the heads of the remaining three families of the Great Four showed up at her ward door. 

“Rowena, a survivor of the Cadens has come back for revenge! It’s the person who killed 

Trent. The ghost-masked man that the Blithe King shot was fake. Your brother is a subordinate of the Blithe King, so hurry and contact the Blithe King for help!” 

“Yeah, he asked us to kneel at the Cadens’cemetery for ten days and take our lives to repent for our sins!” 

“Rowena, we’re all counting on you. The Xaviers are the only ones with a connection to the Blithe King.” 

The heads of the three households spoke out one after another. 

Rowena raised her head, looked at the few people before her, and said with all the strength she had left. Do as he says. A dozen members of the Great Four should die than for the entire Great Four to perish.” 

Her calm words stirred a storm in the room. “What?” The three heads were completely dumbfounded. 

“Don’t you understand yet? My fourth brother was a confidant under the Blithe king. He was the deputy comminander, and his military rank was one star. Yel even with his death, the Blithe King didn’t even bother to do anything and helped suppress the incident. Don’t you understand how terrifying the last survivor of the Cadens is?” 

The three were immediately stunned. 

Was he more terrifying than the Blithe king? 

The Blithe king was one of the Five Commanders, ranked the highest in the pyramid of power. 

Who could be more terrifying than the Blithe King? The three of them were puzzled and could not figure out who was the survivor of the Cadens. 

Rowena ignored them, took out her phone, and called her brother, Hector. 

“Hector, bring everyone who was at the Cadens’ villa back then and kneel in front of the Cadens Cemetery for ten full days. Otherwise, none of the Xaviers will be spared.”

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