The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 91

Chapter 91 However, even an elite like the deputy commander of the Western Border Patrol was murdered at the Cansington Hotel. How were ordinary people like them going to stand against him? Still, they were willing to take a chance to fight back. They were unaware of the grave consequences that would follow when they failed. The Great Four were thrown into panic, yet the outside world had no idea as it was an internal affair of the Great Four. The outside world only knew that the Great Four were in big trouble. The head of the Xaviers, Warren, died tragically at his birthday banquet. Soon after, the news of Trent’s passing spread. After that, the heads of the other three families of the Great Four also died, All important figures from the Great Four were gone. It was major news in Cansington. However, the news was overshadowed by the succession of the Blithe King. Now that the succession ceremony was over, everyone began to turn their attention to the affairs of the Great Four again.

“The Great Four offended someone influential. The Xaviers are done for, and the other three won’t last very long.” “Cansington is going to be reshuffled!” “Who will be replacing the Great Four to become Cansington’s new giants?” “The Oswalds are surely qualified for the title! They’re only inferior to the Great Four in terms of assets. “I think the Lewis family are strong competitors!” After the succession ceremony of the Blithe King, the people of Cansington began to discuss the things happening to the Great Four. Everyone wondered when the other three families would follow in the Xaviers’ foosteps. Which families would replace them as the top households became the hot topic in Cansington. Gossip and rumors began to surface. Meanwhile, James, who had nouified the Great Four, returned to Thea’s house and continued being the perfect homemaker, ensuring the house was properly cleaned. He was completely different from the man who went to the Great Four. When he went to the Great Four, he was a grim reaper. After thoroughly cleaning the rooms, James went to buy some groceries to cook after seeing that it was almost une He rode his small electric motorcycle and leisurely headed toward the market while humming a song At the same time, on the eighteenth floor of a building in Cansington. Inside a luxurious office, a slender woman stood with her arins crossed as she stared out the glass windows, observing the panoramic view of the whole city. Knock! Knock! Knock! There was knocking that sounded at the door. “Come in.” The woman recollected herself and sat down on her office chair. She had a flawless face with delicate facial features.

It was like a carefully sculpted artwork that was simply perfect. “Chairman, I’ve already looked into it. His name is James, the son-in-law of the Callahans.” “Uh, James?” The woman was taken aback. The woman’s name was Yuna Lawson, from the Lawsons of the Capital, and she was in charge of the family’s property in Cansington. Yesterday, she was on her way to an important banquet. Along the way, her car was stolen, and her driver was thrown off the road. The person who stole the car ran a series of red lights and drove to Ella Corporation. She saw James storm into Ella Corporation fiercely and immediately bring down more than a dozen security guards. As for what he did after rushing into the building, she had no idea. However, she knew that the police were dispatched instantly, followed by the army, and even the Blithe King personally arrived at the scene. Yet soon after, it was announced as a joint exercise and was just practice. Yuna knew full well that it was not practice. Therefore, she looked for someone to investigate the identity of the person that stole her car and found that it was James, the son-in-law of the Callahans. Her slender fingers tapped gently on the table and made a rhythmic sound. “The Blithe King suppressed the matter for him. What’s the background of this son-in-law of the Callahans? Does he have influence more terrifying than the Blithe king?”

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