The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Thea’s family left early in the morning Their goal today was to purchase a new luxury car.

They had visited countless car dealers and tested many cars, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and luxury cars from other well-known brands.

However, they were still unsatisfied.

It was either too low for their expectations or way over their budget.

Coincidentally, there was an auto show in Cansington that day.

There were plenty of luxury cars being showcased. Thea’s family visited the show.

Davids’s eyes widened when he saw the luxury cars on display.

“Woah! Ferraris, Bentleys, Maybach, and Bugatti Veyron!”

David looked at the sexy and attractive model standing in front of the luxury cars on display and was envious.

“When will we ever be able to buy a real luxury car? A car that costs one million is garbage compared to these.”

Slap! Gladys slapped David’s forehead and reprimanded him. “Don’t have unrealistic dreams. It’s more than enough to buy a car that is about one million. What’s the point of bringing us here? Don’t think I don’t know that these cars are at least tens of millions!”

“Mom, I’m just bringing you here to see new things! It doesn’t cost anything just to look, right?” David said with a smile.

“Wow, this car is a beauty!” Thea also took a liking to a red Ferrari and was immediately fascinated by it. She immediately took out her phone and snapped a few pictures. The family strolled around the auto show and took multiple pictures every time they looked at the countless expensive cars.

They left after walking around for a while, simply because the cars were over their budget and it was impossible for them to afford them.

Ultimately, after careful selection, they went to a Maserati store and spent two million to get one.

After the payment, Gladys was left with only a few thousand dollars on her card.

She did not even have enough to pay for insurance on the car.

“I told you to get one around one million dollars, but you insisted on getting such an expensive one. Now, we’re really poor!” Gladys wore a furious expression.

David consoled her, saying, “Mom, we will get fifty percent of the family shares soon. We’re going to have money very soon. Let’s drive it back home. I’ll take you for a ride in our luxury car!”

Gladys’ expression gradually eased, thinking that she now owned a luxurious car and could have her head held high when returning to her parents’ house.

After making the payment, David drove the car and brought the family around the city.

“ good! This engine…”

David shouted excitedly as he drove the car, for fear that others would notice that he had bought a new car.


Just within ten minutes, David had driven too fast before the red light, and his reaction was too slow. When he braked, the car had already rear-ended.

Hearing the loud bang, David’s heart skipped a beat. Everyone’s expression in the car immediately changed.

They just bought the car without insurance and already got into a rear-end collision.

David got out of the car with a grimace. At the same time, the owner of the car in front of him also got out.

The chubby man was in his forties, dressed in very simple clothing but had the temperament of someone influential.

“What were you doing? How could you suddenly brake? You made me run into your car. Do you know how much my car is worth? It’s two inillion…”

David saw that the paint on his bumper was scratched, and there was even a dent on it. He yelled at the other party with a distressed expression.

The chubby man silently glanced at his own car and then glared at David.

With a nonchalant expression, he said, “Well, my car isn’t too expensive. It’s just the limited edition Maybach that costs a little over forty million. Would you like to settle it in private or by insurance?”


David was stunned for a moment.

He was distracted by his own car and did not pay attention to the other person’s car.

Seeing the car, his face immediately turned pale in fear, and he shouted, “Oh my god…”

Benjamin, Gladys, Thea, and Alyssa got out of the car one after another.

Iminuediately when they saw that it was a limited edition Maybach, their faces turned pale.

The person they bumped into was not someone kind either. He was the overlord of Cansington’s underworld, Xander Lawrence,

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