The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Xander used to mainly do dirty business. He had not even opened his mouth yet, but the brat in front of him was pinning the blame on him. “Of course I’m going to brake and wait for the red light! You were following behind too closely and bumped into me. Now, you’re blaming me and wronging me?” Xander glanced at David’s car and noticed there was no license plate on it, nor was there an insurance sticker on the windscreen. Immediately, he was thrilled. “It’s a new car, right? Well, you see, there’s a dent in the back of my car now. It should be enough to pay me if you sell the car and top up a few million more. David’s legs went rubbery, and he immediately fell to the ground. “I’m so sorry, sir. Could you please forgive me? I bought this car with all my money. I have no money to compensate you!” “Why be so arrogant if you have no money?” Xander kicked David to the ground, approached him, and began beating him. “Don’t hit him!” Alyssa rushed over and grabbed Xander.

Slap! Xander waved his hand and slapped Alyssa to the ground. David ignored the pain in his body and got up again to kneel again, repeatedly begging for mercy. Gladys walked to him with a furious expression and slapped David, who was kneeling on the ground in the head. “Trash! I shouldn’t have promised to buy you the car!” After scolding him, she glanced toward the middle-aged chubby man named Xander, who had a displeased expression. “Sir, the problem doesn’t seem too serious. I have five thousand on my card, and I can give it all to you. Would that be enough?” Gladys pleaded. “Five thousand? Do you know who I am? Do you think I’m that easy to blow off?” Xander’s expression froze. “Then how much do you want?” Gladys asked cautiously. “I already said you can sell this car, and adding another five million should be enough. Seeing that you can afford a two million dollar car, you should at least have some money, but if you don’t, use your connections to gather enough money as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences waiting for you will be very scary…” Xander currently kept a very low profile, and he did not know the background of the people in front of him. He would not trouble them if they had some sort of influential connections. He used to be involved in some unclean business in his earlier years. Now that he had given up that lifestyle, he wanted to keep a low profile for now. He would not offend people and get into trouble if he could avoid it.

After speaking, Xander got into the car and made a phone call. “I’m on Sky Flower Road, come and help me tie up a brat.” They were at a traffic light intersection in an urban area. Now that there was a rear-end accident, a traffic jam was inevitable. The traffic police came right away, took pictures, and instructed the two parties to pull their cars aside. Roadside. David and Alyssa kept kneeling on the ground, begging Xander to have mercy and forgive them. However, Xander was not budging at all. Suddenly, a van approached them, and several men with fierce appearances got out, walking toward Xander. “Boss.” Xander pointed at David, still kneeling on the ground, and said, “Take him away.” “Alright.” Several men forcibly dragged David away on the ground and threw him into the van. Xandra looked at Benjamin, Gladys, Thea, and Alyssa. “Before midnight, bring eight million to the Prosperous Dynasty to ransom him, or else you can wait to collect his body.” “Mom, what do we do? Think of something, quick! Wah, wah…” Alyssa sobbed anxiously. Gladys was completely at a loss.

Thea was also anxious and took out her phone to call James. James had just bought groceries and was cooking at home. After receiving her call from Thea, he immediately asked, “Thea, are you coming back soon? The food is almost ready.” “James, something bad happened. David got into trouble.” “Huh? What happened?” “We just bought a car and went for a ride. My brother accidentally rear-ended a limited edition Maybach. I heard it was worth forty million. David has to compensate for the damages, but we didn’t buy insurance for the car. He got beaten up, and they took him away. What should I do? “Don’t worry, Where are you? I’ll be there right away.” “I’m at Sky Flower Road.” “Okay, don’t panic. I’m coming” James hung up the phone and turned off the induction cooker that was boiling soup. Immediately, he headed out to Sky Flower Road.

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