The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Thea’s family was in a state of panic after David was taken away. David was kidnapped right before the traffic police, but they did not try to stop him. They were not stupid and understood that someone driving a car worth tens of millions was definitely someone of great influence. Alyssa grabbed Thea and asked hopefully, “You’re the only one who can save David now. Aren’t you acquainted with Alex Yates? Hurry and give him a call!” “L…I’ll try.” Thea was not confident. However, now that her brother was taken away, the situation was so urgent that she had no choice but to try. “Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable.” Thea called Alex, but his phone could not be connected, “I called, but it’s not getting through,” said Thea. “Then what else should we do? J- James! Isn’t he a retired soldier? Didn’t he say that he knew someone very influential? Call him to come, quick!” Alyssa was about to cry and said with a sobbing voice. “I’ve called him.

He is on the way.” “It’ll be useless for James to come. You shouldn’t be deceived by him. He wouldn’t be so poor and marry into our family if he really knew someone so influential,” Gladys said calmly. “What should we do then, Mom?” Alyssa cried. Gladys thought a bit and said, “I’ll call Mr. Smith. The Smiths are only second to the Great Four. I told Mr. Smith that I’d introduce my daughter to him, but this matter was put aside because her face got sliced by Trent.” Ever since Thea’s appearance was restored, Gladys had contacted countless rich and influential people to try to find a good husband for Thea. Yoel Smith was the perfect son-in-law in her heart.

However, many things had happened, so she had lost contact with Yoel for a while. She immediately phoned Yoel and explained the situation to him. “Auntie, I’m nearby. I’ll be there soon!” Yoel was eating at a restaurant near Sky Flower Road and immediately drove over after receiving the call In less than ten minutes, Yoel appeared in his tens of millions of Porsche in less than ten minutes. He stopped the car and got out. At a glance, he saw the fainily on the side of the road and Thea among them His eyes lit up instantly. He walked over and greeted sincerely, “Auntie, Uncle, Thea…” Seeing Yoel, Gladys seemed to have found their life saving straw. “Mr. Smith. You have to help us. David rear ended a luxury car, and that person is demanding eight million dollars. He said we could wait to collect his body if we don’t have the money to compensate him.” “Auntie, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. The Smith family is quite influential and is considered a first class household in Cansington, second to only the Great Pours, I’ve all sorts of connections in Cansington,” Yoel reassured her confidently.

“Alright, then let’s go to the Prosperous Dynasty.” “Huh?” Yoel was taken aback. The Prosperous Dynasty? That was Xander’s properly. “Auntie, what car did David hit?” he asked tentatively “It… it looks like a limited edition Maybach.” Yoel took a few steps back after hearing the reply. “Did the person look a little bit chubby and dressed in very ordinary clothing?” he inquired. “Yes, yes! That’s exactly how he looked.” ‘F*ck!’ Yoel exclaimed in his heart. That was the underworld boss of Cansington. In his earlier years, he was called Black Wind Xander. He had forsaken his dirty business and was now into legal and serious business. Xander had been very low-profile ever since. As long as you did not provoke him, he would not trouble you However, if you provoked him, the consequences… Ha! Yoel took a deep breath. He glanced at Thea and could not help but swallow his saliva. “Auntie, I can help you settle this matter, but Xander is not easy to deal with. I’ll need my dad to help He has some connections with Xander. However, I can’t just help you without getting something in return. You said last time that you would introduce Thea to me.” For the sake of her son’s safety, Gladys could not care less

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