The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Thea called and informed James that the problem was settled. James returned home and prepared the food, waiting for Thea and the others to return home for lunch. They returned very quickly. As soon as they entered the house, James noticed something was wrong. They all wore very strange expressions. There were even tears on Thea and Alyssa’s faces. James asked doubtfully, “Thea, is something the matter? I thought everything was resolved. Why didn’t David come back together?” 1 Thea glanced at him and cried, aggrieved. “What’s wrong? “Tell me if there’s something wrong. I can solve it for you,” James consoled her. “Ha…” Gladys sighed. “What’s wrong, mom? Why’re you sighing?” asked James. However, no one in the family spoke. They entered the house and sat down.

Immediately, James went to prepare the bowls and utensils, serving everyone some rice. “Come, let’s discuss it while eating,” he suggested. “James, let’s get a divorce,” Thea said with tears welling up in her eyes. James was taken aback by the statement and froze in place. After a few seconds, he recollected himself and sat down with a cigarette. “Why?” he asked quietly. Gladys said apologetically, “I’m really sorry, James. Although you don’t have money or influence, I admit that you’re a very caring husband and have been doing the chores really well. However, you and Thea aren’t suitable.” Gladys had also seen James’ behavior during this period. He even asked his senior for a car to take her to the military region to not embarrass her. That was the proudest moment in her life. However, Thea was too good for him now, and plenty of people were much more worthy of her.

“What exactly happened? Can you explain it to me?” James asked again. Yet the family remained silent, “Dad…” James glanced at Benjamin. Benjamin looked at Gladys and saw her nodding. Then, he muttered, “Things went like this…” Benjamin recounted what had happened to them. James got up and left after hearing the story. “James…” Thea said with a choked voice. She wanted to chase after him but was held back by Gladys. “Thea, just let him go. It’ll be hard for anybody to accept such a situation. He will accept it after a while. You can compensate him when you have money in the future. After all, he did cure you twice! “Wah…” Thea cried out in pain. She did not like Yoel nor wanted to be married into a wealthy family. James was the only person she adored. However, she chose family over love. She knew James must have despised her and her family for him to storm out like that. James left the house and took a taxi, heading directly to the Prosperous Dynasty.

The Prosperous Dynasty was one of the most famous leisure clubs in Cansington. All sorts of entertainments were integrated into the bar, such as karaoke and spas. Prosperous Dynasty, basement. David was tied and hung up. After bringing David back, Xander used all his connections to investigate David’s background for fear that he might have offended some spoiled kid from a rich family. He was not afraid of anything except law regulators. Since he had a dirty past, it would be easy for those officials to get rid of him if he offended them. He sighed in relief after learning that he was just a piece of trash from the Callahans. He sat on a chair and glanced at David, who was tied and hung up. He squinted and smiled wickedly. “David Callahan. I didn’t want to mess with you, but why did you have to bump into me?”

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