The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 98

Chapter 98 James walked into the basement. More than twenty of Xander’s subordinates gathered in the basement. Hundreds of security guards and dozens of subordinates outside had already been brought down by James. “James? Were you the one?” Xander was about to take David away when he suddenly saw the person walking into the basement. His face darkened, and he yelled, “Do you know where this place is? Hurry and kneel! Admit your mistake and beg for forgiveness…” James approached them and immediately threw his leg at Xander. Immediately, Xander flew several meters away and fell to the ground, groaning in pain. He had broken some bones when he landed and could not get up. “You….” Xander did not act recklessly. He was from the criminal world, so he caught a few clues from James’ attacks. This man was definitely a trained soldier from the special forces.

“James, right? I’ve had no grudges with you recently, nor have we crossed paths. So, what is the meaning of this?” He stared at James. James approached him one step at a time. Xander reached for his weapon behind his back and stepped backward. James took a seat in Xander’s chair and lit a cigarette. The huge basement was immediately silent. There was only the sound of his lighter. “Kneel!” James roared. His voice sounded like thunder that echoed in Xander’s ears, causing his eardrums to tingle. James had a very strong aura that exuded from his body. He radiated an oppressive and murderous temperament. It was a strong aura that could only come from one who had been in battles all year round and in a high-up position for a long time. Xander used to mingle around in the underworld and had been through many terrifying situations. However, when he heard James’s voice, his legs gave out, and he subconsciously wanted to kneel. He was a crime boss and a ruthless character. James’ roar did not frighten him, but he did not dare to act recklessly. “Who are you?” he asked with a straight face. “Xa. Mr. Xander. He is the son-in-law of the Callahans. Thea’s husband and David’s brother in-law. He’s just a lowly soldier from the military. You can go ahead and kill him.”

Xander had already crawled up from the ground but was still unable to stand up. He sat on the ground and looked at James with hatred on his face. “Trash. Do you know who I am? I’m Yoel Smith, and my father is York Smith. Do you know the person standing in front of you? He is the infamous Mr. Xander.” James glanced at Yoel, who was sitting on the ground. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle. Yoel felt as if he was being glared at by a fierce beast and his body subconsciously trembled. His back was covered in a cold sweat from fear. Yoel. Yoel Smith. This was the person that wanted his wife and made Gladys convince Thea to divorce him. Whoosh! A silver needle flew out. “Argh!” Yoel suddenly fell to the ground and rolled around in pain. He was frightened and immediately begged for mercy, “James, sorry! I made a mistake! Please, forgive me…” His whole body was uncomfortable as if hundreds of needles pierced into his skin. He rolled around and kept scratching his body.

However, the more he scratched himself, the more pain he felt. The feeling made him feel that living was far worse than death. He begged for mercy in fear. “James, I was wrong. Please, please let me go…” Xander, who was beside him, was so frightened that cold sweat began to form on his forehead. What kind of methods did he use? He saw a silver needle appear in his hand, and Yoel rolled on the ground in pain after he waved his hand. As for 20 plus subordinates of Xander, all of them were frightened, and some even fell to the ground. “Xander? James looked at the middle-aged chubby man. Bang! Xander immediately knelt on the ground. “Jame…Mr. James. I was blind and did not recognize such an influential person. Please forgive Ine.” Xander knelt on the ground with his hands behind his waist. Suddenly, he pulled out a gun. Boom! Gunshots rang out However, the figure in the chair was nowhere to be seen. Xander looked up Seeing there was no one in the chair, he trembled in fear. Where did he go?

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