The Legendary Man Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Infiltration

Sirius was a member of the Blackwood family. After Lauryn started collaborating with Jonathan, she had been providing the Blackwood family with Edenic Heights’ intelligence.

Lauryn was there when Jay went to Edenic Heights to take Josephine hostage. Therefore, the Blackwood family was aware of the cooperation between Jonathan and the Osborne family.

This time, Sirius received an order to break the Osborne family and Jonathan’s partnership by all means. He could even eliminate Jonathan or Xavion to sow discord between the two parties if necessary.

Although Xavion came from the last family to reach Doveston among the six respectable families, they were the most accomplished clan at that moment.

Mason made a backup plan when he sent Jay and Xavion to handle that matter. He only needed one of his plans to succeed in order to safeguard the Osborne family.

At present, one of the three most powerful military factions, Asura’s Office, had shown their support to the Osborne family. On the contrary, Eastern Army’s stance had become insignificant.

Xavion’s current focus was to figure out a way to get rid of the fool, Morris.

To put it bluntly, Sirius and Xavion now regarded Morris as if the latter was a dimwit.

No one knew if Jonathan would die that day, but everyone was confident Morris would most likely not live past that night.

The wind howled as two peculiar silhouettes dashed through the woods.

They were none other than Jonathan and Karl, who were retracing their steps.

However, at that instant, their figures appeared highly bizarre.

Each of them carried a brown bear on their shoulders.

The brown bears were huge and strong, but Jonathan and Karl had bound the animals with their spiritual energy, rendering the bears immobile and unable to struggle even if they wanted to.

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, Jonathan grasped the nape of the brown bear’s neck and hurled it forward.


The brown bear hit the ground, splattering snow everywhere. The frightened bear hurriedly fled ahead after it regained its freedom.


A loud explosion reverberated in the valley as an anti-personnel mine was triggered.

The next second, bright lights illuminated the military camp at the foot of the mountain, and sirens echoed in the valley.

Four spiritual senses spread toward the mountaintop like a tidal wave.

The bronze handbell on Jonathan’s head moved rapidly in the woods.

The bronze handbell had a strange ability. It could block out the transmission of energy targeting the body, such as spiritual energy and spiritual sense.

Jonathan was merely using the bronze handbell to obscure his presence so that he could infiltrate the enemy’s army camp without raising any alarm.

Meanwhile, Karl tossed the brown bear he was carrying downward at the mountaintop.

The bear ran away swiftly, and another anti-personnel mine exploded in just a few seconds. This time, a chain reaction ensued, causing successive loud booms to resound in the air.

Four silhouettes leaped out of the military camp and bolted up the mountain.

At the same time, Karl darted off in the opposite direction as Jonathan.

Although the two brown bears merely bought around ten seconds for Jonathan and Karl, that was already more than sufficient.

At most, the maximum range of a Divine Realm cultivator’s spiritual sense was around a hundred meters, similar to Jonathan’s.

Within those ten seconds, they had enough time to escape Aidan and the others’ spiritual senses’ detection range.

As expected, the party of four, consisting of Aidan and led by Vicador, landed beside the site of detonation.

Vicador grimaced after reaching out and retrieving a brown bear’s ruined skull from the bloody spot nearby.

“They’re here. Aidan and Alexander, guard the military camp below. Antoine and I will capture the invaders.”


Four of them turned around and left to carry out their tasks without conversing further.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had arrived before the lookout post.

Security alarms blared in the entire area garrisoned by the army. Unexpectedly, the quietest place was the camp’s entrance.

After all, anyone with the slightest common sense would know a military camp’s entrance would be the most heavily guarded place.

Anyone who wished to attack or ambush the camp would never choose to force their way in through the main entrance.

Yet, Jonathan strode openly into the camp via the most dangerous route.

Standing guard at the camp’s entrance, two sentries noticed the gleams of a pair of swords swinging in their direction before they could even sound the alarm.

The next second, the sentries covered their necks with their hands and struggled before gradually slumping to the ground.

Jonathan waved his hands and retrieved his broken blades. Then, he slipped into the chaotic military camp.

Due to the cold weather, the Remdikian army base was constructed in a relatively low and dense layout. Still, the structures were extremely sturdy. Jonathan unleashed his spiritual energy to search for Killian and Layla’s whereabouts but to no avail.

He was walking forward when a Remdikian military officer suddenly shouted in Remdikian.

Although Jonathan had never learned Remdikian, he could grasp the meaning of some commonly used phrases.

Someone was telling him to stop moving.

He turned around to look at the Remdikian military officer and saw the latter sizing him up.

“Are you talking to me?” Jonathan asked while wearing a smile. It’ll be a lot of hard work for me to search the entire military camp using my spiritual sense. Perhaps the quickest way to acquire intelligence is to force someone here to divulge the information.

Taking in the sharp broken blades in Jonathan’s hands, the Remdikian military officer immediately aimed his gun at Jonathan while speaking in his native language.

However, as soon as he did that, the Remdikian officer felt as if an invisible hand had wrapped around his throat, rendering him unable to utter a single word.

His finger was placed on the trigger of his gun, yet he couldn’t pull it no matter how hard he tried. It was like the gun’s trigger suddenly weighed over ten thousand kilograms.

Jonathan turned and marched into the house at one side. Having lost control of his limbs, the military officer had no choice but to follow Jonathan inside.

Jonathan’s broken blades glinted. Subsequently, the Remdikian soldiers inside the house grabbed their throats and fell to the ground. Jonathan placed his blades against the Remdikian officer’s neck and said, “I’m here to look for an adult and a child. Are they here?”

The military officer gazed at Jonathan in fright, evidently scared out of his wits, and, at the same time, seemed utterly confused.

Jonathan willed his spiritual energy and relaxed the pressure around the Remdikian officer’s throat.

Instantly, the Remdikian military officer spouted a series of words that sounded like gibberish to Jonathan.

Jonathan was dumbfounded.

Elicitation was indeed the most effective way to obtain information during wartime. However, that was provided if one could understand the language spoken by the other party.

Jonathan gaped at the military officer. In the end, he had no choice but to slit the latter’s throat.

He could understand some simple Remdikian words, but when all the terms were connected to form a sentence, he couldn’t comprehend the message.

By the time Jonathan exited the room, he had already changed into a Remdikian military outfit. He placed the bronze handbell on his head and covered it with a cap. By doing that, Jonathan could entirely conceal his spiritual energy within the half-a-meter radius around him.

Outside of that range, even if Aidan strode past him, the latter wouldn’t sense anything out of the ordinary.

Just as Jonathan infiltrated the Remdikian military camp, the atmosphere of the hill beside turned extremely lively, like the Christmas Day parade.

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