The Legendary Man Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Sacrificing Himself for Others

Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of explosions rang out from above the mountain interminably.

Focusing hard, Jonathan swung his gaze at the forest. He vaguely glimpsed three afterimages battling ceaselessly on the snowscape.

Hmm, that looks like Karl! At the sight of the blur of an image disappearing among the trees in the mountains, he felt somewhat touched.

Although this mission is meant to save his wife and son, it’s still exceedingly dangerous to distract the enemy personally. Once embroiled in battle, he’d likely perish here. Well, he’s a real man!

While his thoughts drifted, he hid in the dark and streaked forward at lightning speed. He had to familiarize himself with the entire military camp before Karl could no longer hold out so as not to squander the risk the latter took.

Unbeknownst to him, Karl was inwardly cursing non-stop right then.

Argh! I initially planned on sneaking into the military camp on the heels of Jonathan after creating a distraction. But then, a Remdikian with a full beard appeared out of nowhere, chasing after me relentlessly as though he was able to track my position. Worse still, he has Antoine following behind him!

Confronted by two elites of God Realm at the same time, he didn’t dare stop and battle them at all.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t their match, but once he was embroiled in battle, Aidan and Alexander might turn up anytime. If he were to battle four people alone, death would be an inevitable end for him.

Therefore, he wasn’t actually sacrificing himself for others. Instead, he was really fleeing for his life desperately.

“Stop running, Karl. It won’t do you any good. Brace yourself for death!” Antoine bellowed behind him.

However, Karl wouldn’t possibly listen to such foolish advice. Responding with a curse in his native language, he continued sprinting forward.

The three of them continued the cat-and-mouse game, with one taking flight ahead and two giving chase behind, going increasingly farther. When Karl leaped over a hill and landed on the ground, he froze for a moment.

Thud! Thud! As two muffled thumps sounded, snowflakes scattered everywhere. Antoine and Vicador arrived right behind Karl.

“Continue running. Why aren’t you doing so…”

Before Antoine had finished voicing that mocking remark of his, he swallowed the rest of the words on the tip of his tongue, for three other men with intriguing expressions were staring at him strangely, other than Karl.

They were none other than Morris, Xavion, and Sirius, who were there in an ambush to find an opportunity to kill Jonathan.

Under the leadership of Morris, the three of them reached a temporary alliance to finish Jonathan off.

Since they wanted to take the man off guard, they had to keep a tight leash on their spiritual sense and spiritual energy so that he wouldn’t notice their presence.

After Jonathan and Karl had blown up the mountain, in particular, they remained still while lost in their respective thoughts, not daring to make a single peep.

Despite the ability of such a defense to prevent others from perceiving their presence, it also hindered them from surveying their surroundings.

Of course, they were all high-level cultivators, so they could likewise thwart others from drawing close with their hearing and sight alone.

Alas, Karl was going far too fast in his bid to escape pursuit.

Just when they sensed someone approaching at a rapid speed, the man had already landed on the open space between them in the next heartbeat.

Subsequently, Vicador and Antoine made their appearance.

Sirius glared at Morris with an icy expression on his face.

“So, this is your d*mn idea?”

Xavion, on the other hand, yawned and released the spiritual energy within him in exasperation.

“As I said, this surprise attack of yours wouldn’t work. Making a bold and open move is still the best in taking someone out.”

Among the trio, Morris was the only one who wore an utterly frustrated expression at that very moment.

“This isn’t right. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. Otherwise, how could I have been discovered?”

“Cut the crap! Do you want the support of the Eastern Army? Help me out here!”

With a roar, Karl raised his saber and charged at Vicador.

Following that, Sirius whipped out a spear and thrust it at Antoine.

Behind him, Morris similarly rushed forward with his mace in hand, letting out a blood-curdling cry. Conversely, Xavion was still unperturbed. In fact, he unhurriedly took out a cigarette from his pocket.

After all, the Osborne family already had a collaboration with Jonathan. He was there to fight for Karl, but the results didn’t mean much to the Osborne family.

Thus, he didn’t really care even if it was a trip made in vain.

The battle swiftly witnessed a turnabout. With expressions as black as thunder, Vicador and Antoine turned tail and made a hasty retreat.

Gah! Karl wasn’t making a run for it at all! Instead, he designed this trap, waiting for us to jump into it!

“Quick, get backup!”

The long sword in Vicador’s hand collided with Karl’s saber. As Vicador flew backward, he shouted at Antoine at the top of his lungs.

Their capabilities aside, things definitely wouldn’t end well for them if they were to face off against four cultivators of the same rank simultaneously.

All of them were of God Realm, so numbers would be the deciding factor since they were more or less equally matched.


As Morris’ mace sliced through the air, Vicador was again forced to back away.


The mace struck the ground, shattering the rocks instantly and setting off airwaves that had countless snowdrifts flying into the air.

“Kill them!”

With a shout from Sirius, a phantom image materialized at the tip of his spear, condensing into a kraken formed by pure spiritual energy.

A glint of light flickered before he propelled the spear forward forcefully.

Verily, the essence of the Blackwood family’s spear was unleashed to its ultimate potential in his hands.

In the next instant, blood spurted into the air.

Vicador’s left shoulder became a mess of flesh and blood.

Although it was the first time the three cultivators of Divine Realm were working together, they still managed to do so seamlessly, thanks to the help of spiritual sense. Consequently, their successive attacks wounded the man heavily.

By then, the commotion was no longer limited to Vicador and Antoine, who were on the run. Jonathan, Aidan, and the others below the mountain had also noticed the commotion.

Exchanging a glance, Aidan and Alexander took off and flew toward the side of the mountain.

Jonathan, who had no idea of the current situation, also started unleashing his capabilities without holding back.

Despite being entirely ignorant of the events that had transpired on the mountain, he could roughly speculate.

Stellario and the other two men’s location has long since overlapped with that of Killian and Layla, but the remaining three men haven’t arrived even now. As such, this unfamiliar surge of spiritual energy is probably them.

Seizing advantage of the fierce battle on the mountain, he raced toward the military camp at top speed, leaving only an afterimage behind. He searched for signs of Killian and Layla tirelessly.

All of a sudden, he stopped short, his feet seemingly rooted to the ground.

Looking back over his shoulder at one of the barracks he had just darted past, he started in the direction of it.

“Stop right there!”

At the barrack’s entrance, a few soldiers standing guard lifted the rifles in their hands and pointed them at Jonathan.

Unfortunately, all they received in return were a few glints of metal.

Four headless bodies that hadn’t the time to fire a shot slowly tumbled to the ground. Then, Jonathan threw the broken blade in his hand into the barrack.

As the broken blade whirred around the enclosed space, shrieks of agony rang out endlessly.

Amidst the howls, Jonathan stepped into the barrack.

There were more than a dozen dead bodies littering the room. Sabino and the others were all restrained on seven interrogation chairs as though they were specimens to be experimented on.

His voice trembled as he stood before Sabino.

“Is it you, Sabino?”

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