The Man Decree Chapter 2181 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2181 -Rumble, rumble…

The mountain crumbled, entombing Jared underneath the rubble.

A vast cave measuring hundreds of meters in width and dozens of meters in depth appeared above the mountain range.

The Spring of Regeneration’s source was cut off, and it quickly dried up.

Jared was buried underneath the rubble and knew nothing about it.

Flaxseed and Godrick jolted awake, startled by the sight of dust swirling around them. To their dismay, they discovered that the Spring of Regeneration had already dried up.

Although they had regained consciousness, they found themselves unable to move and were forced to exchange helpless glances.

“Mr. Flaxseed, what happened? Was that an earthquake?” Godrick asked, looking confused. “Where is Jared?”

They were enjoying themselves in the spring water, but it suddenly dried up.

Flaxseed glanced around and didn’t see Jared anywhere. A deep line appeared in the middle of his brows. “Given his curiosity toward the Spring of Regeneration, I suspect that he triggered the disturbance,” he stated. “Why can’t he refrain from causing chaos, even for a brief moment?”

As Flaxseed and Godrick conversed, Archer and Skyler, accompanied by a few disciples, arrived at the scene upon hearing the disturbance.

Terrified expressions crossed their faces when they discovered that the spring had dried up.

However, they quickly regained their composure to bring Flaxseed and Godrick back to Luminous Sect.

The desiccation of the Spring of Regeneration was a critical issue that they needed to report to their head immediately.

No one had any idea that Jared was buried underneath the rubble.

Matthew’s anxiety mounted when news of the Spring of Regeneration’s drought reached his ears. He had recently entrusted it to Jared, and now it had dried up. It seemed unlikely to be a coincidence.

“Where is Jared? Didn’t you see him?” he asked Archer and Skyler.

Both shook their heads, indicating that they hadn’t seen him there.

“Master, could it be Jared who caused the Spring of Regeneration to dry up? If he’s behind this, we will have a hard time explaining things to the others.” Archer sounded worried.

“I don’t think that’s possible. Mr. Chance isn’t capable of causing the Spring of Regeneration to dry up. It has existed for years!”

Skylar didn’t share his sentiments.

She didn’t think it was Jared who did that.

“Okay, let’s keep this to ourselves. We’ll wait for Jared’s return.”

As Matthew was uncertain of what had occurred and unable to make a decision, he decided to await Jared’s return and inquire about the situation.

In the meantime, the collapse of the Kazillion Mountains had drawn the attention of numerous martial artists, who had flocked to the site in search of the cause of the unusual occurrence.

Jared struggled to crawl out of the debris. With the aid of Golem Body and his own robust physique, he remained unscathed despite being buried beneath the mountain.

It took Jared an entire day to extricate himself from the rubble. Upon witnessing the desiccated Spring of Regeneration and the absence of Godrick and Flaxseed, he swiftly concluded that they had been taken back to Luminous Sect.

Without hesitation, Jared made his way to Luminous Sect, where Matthew was waiting for him anxiously.

The withering of the Spring of Regeneration and the collapse of the Kazillion Mountains were too significant of events to keep under wraps.

If Jared didn’t return, Matthew would be unable to discern what occurred and thus be unable to clarify the situation to the other sects.

“Master, Mr. Chance is back!” Skyler ran in to report to him.

Upon hearing this, Matthew hastily went out to greet Jared but was taken aback by the latter’s disheveled appearance.

“Jared, where have you been? Why do you look this disheveled?”

“Mr. Campbell, give me a second. I need to drink some water.”

Jared went into his room and finished a jug of water to relieve his thirst.

“Jared, the Spring of Regeneration has dried up, and the Kazillion Mountains have crumbled. What precisely occurred?” Matthew inquired, his interest piqued.

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