The Man Decree Chapter 2184 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2184 -Emiliano finally discovered how important he was as Hugh appreciated him and changed his attitude toward him.

Nevertheless, Tucker was feeling less than pleased.

Emiliano’s mother suggested to Tucker, “Why don’t you go with Emiliano? You can save him if he gets into danger.”

“No. My dad said Mr. Westwood is to stay behind and manage Stormwind Sect. I don’t need anyone to protect me. I’m not a child anymore, and my genetic modifications have made me stronger. I have my team with me, and we’re ready to go. There’s no time to waste.”

With that, he led his team to Kazillion Mountains happily.

At the same time, Jared and Skyler were also headed for Kazillion Mountains.

Hundreds of martial artists were gathered there to search for the ancient ruins.

Many discovered the cave that was formed naturally, but the darkness below was too menacing for anyone to venture down and explore.

Emiliano and his team, consisting of dozens of men from Stormwind Sect, soon arrived at Kazillion Mountains.

Glancing at the hundreds of martial artists above the mountain range, Emiliano leaped into the air and hollered, “This restricted area is currently under the control of Stormwind Sect. If you are not authorized to be here, leave immediately. Those who refuse to leave will be eliminated immediately.”

Hearing that, the martial artists flew into a rage.

“Is Stormwind Sect a gang? How could you act as you wish?”

“He’s young but talks arrogantly, huh?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Stormwind Sect…”

They began to whisper among themselves, unsure of what to do. Emiliano’s strength was undeniable, and they didn’t want to provoke him.

Right then, an elderly man who gave off the aura of a Top-Level Martial Arts Saint stepped forward. He was considered an expert outside the hidden realms.

“Stormwind Sect? I’ve never heard of your sect. Martial artists often come to Kazillion Mountains to train themselves. Anyone can come as they please. When did it become the forbidden ground of your sect?”

After hearing that, many people stepped forward to criticize Emiliano.

“Young man, dare you and your sect go against the entire martial arts world?”

“Yeah. You think you’re capable to be able to float in the air, but that’s pretty easy to achieve.”

“Stormwind Sect should leave right now! If you invoke our wrath, you shall meet your doom here!”

They didn’t hold back in cursing Emiliano.

“Ha! A bunch of insolent and insignificant beings,” Emiliano commented icily.

He unleashed his Martial Arts God aura, which erupted outward toward the elderly man and the other martial artists.

“He’s a Martial Arts God! This is the aura of a Martial Arts God!”

“I’ve never seen such a young Martial Arts God. This is scary!”

Everyone paled in fright when they sensed his terrifying power.

The elderly man and the martial artists who were cursing Emiliano died underthe pressure of his Martial Arts God’s aura without getting a chance to retaliate.

The remaining martial artists spun on their heels and fled the mountain as though they had seen the devil incarnate.

They couldn’t wait to escape, afraid the terrifying Martial Arts God’s aura would kill them if they were a second too late.

As everyone fled the scene hastily, Emiliano burst out laughing in delight.

“Samson, take our men down the mountain and place blockades along the way to prevent anyone from coming up. The ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace are the property of the Stormwind Sect!” Emiliano commanded.

“Got it!” Samson responded. He gathered some men and left to do as told.

Emiliano and the rest went straight to the cave that had appeared all of a sudden.

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