The Man Decree Chapter 2185 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2185-About two hours later, Jared and Skyler arrived at the foot of Kazillion Mountains.

At that moment, many martial artists had gathered there, and every one of them looked frightened.

Jared was a little astonished to see the scared faces of the martial artists. He had no idea what had happened to have struck such fear into them.

“Mr. Chance…”

Just then, someone called out to Jared, who was slightly startled by it.

Very soon, Jared saw a young man stride toward him.

Upon taking a closer look, he recognized the latter as Verner from the Gingerich family of the northwest. Their backer was The Adamantine from the secret realm.

“Verner, what are you doing here?” Jared asked in puzzlement.

The northwest is thousands of kilometers away from Kazillion Mountains. Therefore, it’s not logical for Verner to travel all the way here. Even if there is anything strange going on at Kazillion Mountains, the Gingerich family couldn’t have received the news!

Staring at Jared, Verner sighed. “Mr. Chance, ever since the revival of the spiritual energy of Encanta Island failed, we, the representative families of the secret realm, have been having a tough time. Since the spiritual energy wasn’t revived, those families from the secret realm had no use for us, so they abandoned us! In the past, we were dependent on them for resources. With no one supplying resources to us anymore, we had to take the matter into our own hands! The representative families have fallen from grace…”

As he lamented, Jose from the Danaher family, Royler from the Gracie family, and Marcelo from the Garcia family also came over.

They all greeted Jared. In the past, they despised him, in particular Marcelo, but none of them dared to go against Jared after the incident at Encanta Island.

Looking at the young men who were once prideful, Jared felt somewhat emotional.

After all, since the revival of the spiritual energy had failed, their families were rendered useless. As such, they had been forsaken.

“Mr. Chance, are these your friends?” Skyler asked as she stared at Verner and the others in shock.

As far as she was concerned, those men were not powerful enough to be Jared’s friends.

“I guess so…” Jared nodded.

Skyler rolled her eyes and said nothing more.

“Mr. Chance, are you here to find the ancient ruins because of the phenomena in Kazillion Mountains?” Jose inquired.

Jared nodded and replied, “That’s right.”

“Mr. Chance, you’re late. Someone has already seized the place. All of us were chased away,” Verner informed in resignation.

“Seized? Who can be so domineering?” Jared was quite shocked.

There ore so many martial artists here. Which family is powerful enough to be so overbearing?

“I think they are called Stormwind Sect. That person is a Martial Arts God, and they didn’t actually lift a finger to chase us away. All they used was the aura of a Martial Arts Saint, and they were able to crush lots of people to death!”

Fear still lingered on Verner’s face as he recounted what had happened earlier on.

“Stormwind Sect?” Jared frowned.

After listening to Verner’s account, Skyler thundered, “How bold of Stormwind Sect to monopolize the ancient ruins. They are downright shameless!”

Verner sighed and replied, “It can’t be helped. They have the aid of a Martial Arts God. Everyone knows that as long as you have a Martial Arts God in your sect or family, you get to call the shots!”

“Humph! What’s the big deal with a Martial Arts God? As if the other clans don’t have a Martial Arts God…”

Skyler scoffed as the nine sects within the hidden realm had Martial Arts Gods. In fact, many of their disciples were Martial Arts Gods.

Even Alchemical Sect, which focused on alchemy, had plenty of Martial Arts Gods.

Hearing Skyler’s remarks, Verner and the others sized her up.

“Mr. Chance, is she your friend? Judging from what she says, she sounds like a Martial Arts God herself…” Verner asked Jared.

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