The Man Decree Chapter 2186 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2186-Jared nodded and said with a smile, “That’s right. She is indeed a Martial Arts God”

The revelation dumbfounded Verner, whose jaw dropped. He then stared at Skyler in disbelief.

Evidently, none of them believed that a young woman like Skyler could be a Martial Arts God.

Skyler noticed their disbelief, so she emitted a little of her aura. In that instant, Verner and the others could sense the terrifying pressure.

With that, they had no choice but to believe her. Each one of them regarded her with a look of astonishment in their eyes.

“Mr. Chance, w-what is your cultivation level now?” Verner asked Jared.

“Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint…” the latter replied flatly.

The moment the few young men heard that Jared was an Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint, they became even more shocked.

After all, Jared was merely a Greater Martial Arts Marquis when they parted ways at Encanta Island.

Yet, as of then, he was already an Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint. Given enough time, they believed Jared would undoubtedly be able to become a Martial Arts God.

Nevertheless, they had confidence that Jared would not have any issues taking on a Fifth Level Martial Arts God despite being an Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint.

“Now that Mr. Chance is here, we need not fear Stormwind Sect. There is a Martial Arts God and an Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint among us, so no one within the martial arts world would dare to defy us!” Marcelo proclaimed in excitement.

Back when they were at Encanta Island, he had always been angry with Jared, which was why he kept his head lowered in silence since meeting him again.

However, the news of Jared being an Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint as well as bringing a female Martial Arts God along with him thrilled Marcelo so much that he blurted out those words. After all, with such powerful people as their companions, they could do whatever they wanted.

“Marcelo, I recall that you have always wanted to challenge Mr. Chance to a duel,” Verner teased as he eyed Marcelo.

Marcelo blushed and said awkwardly, “I was ignorant back then. Now, even a fart from Mr. Chance will be enough to kill me!”

Amused by his comment, Skyler laughed out loud.

“You all can’t be careless. The martial arts world isn’t as simple as it seems. There are lots of highly-skilled fighters in the martial arts world, so Martial Arts Gods may not mean anything. Go up the mountain with me later, but do not act on your own…” Jared cautioned.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Chance. We will do as you say. There will be no objection from us…”

Verner and the others nodded solemnly.

Very soon, Jared led everyone toward Kazillion Mountains.

When the other martial artists saw them, they decided to follow along. After all, there must be magical items at Kazillion Mountains, considering the phenomena that had occurred. In the face of treasures, many were willing to take the risk.

Eventually, more than a hundred martial artists went up the mountain with Jared and his group.

At that moment, a few disciples of Stormwind Sect were chatting with each other while leaning against a huge tree.

When they saw the martial artists, whom they had driven away, return, they flew into a rage.

One of the disciples of Stormwind Sect went up to stop Jared and the others, berating them arrogantly, “How audacious of you all to return here! Did you not understand the instructions from Mr. Fairchild? We chased you away, yet you had the guts to come back. Do you have a death wish?”

Those few disciples from Stormwind Sect looked down on all the martial artists as if they were nobodies.

“Kazillion Mountains isn’t yours. Why can’t I go up the mountains?” Jared inquired calmly.

“No, you can’t. Stormwind Sect has sealed this area off. It has become a forbidden ground. None of you are allowed to enter!” the disciple replied haughtily.

“And if I insist?” Jared asked.

“Then you really have a death wish…”

With that, that disciple emitted an aura of someone close to being a Martial Arts God.

When Verner and the others sensed that aura, their expressions turned grim. Even an ordinary disciple was much more powerful than they were.

“Since when did Stormwind Sect become so arrogant? You have no respect for the other clans!” Skyler roared and gave that disciple of Stormwind Sect a kick, sending him flying backward.

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