The Man Decree Chapter 2190 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2190-Upon noticing their movements, Jared swiped his hand through the air, and Dragonslayer Sword instantly materialized. Following that, his body weaved through the crowd like a bolt of lightning.

Loud screams resounded in the air. The escaping disciples of Stormwind Sect had all perished at Jared’s sword.

The Dragonslayer Sword was still dripping with blood when he returned.

Numerous martial artists regarded Jared with awe as admiration filled their gazes toward him. None of them dared to breathe in his presence.

Skyler frowned and said, “Mr. Chance, you shouldn’t have acted rashly and killed all of those people from Stormwind Sect.”

“They deserved to die. If I spared their lives, then wouldn’t it mean that the martial artists deserved to die instead?” Jared asked, his tone icy.

Skyler stopped talking at that. However, in the eyes of the martial artists of the hidden realm, the martial artists of the external realms were indeed like bugs—their lives were worth nothing.

“Let’s go…”

Jared put away his Dragonslayer Sword and continued up the mountain. No one dared to stand in their way now.

The reason he had all those people killed for to prevent Stormwind Sect from retaliating against the martial artists.

He couldn’t keep leading these martial artists, nor could he take them all into the ancient ruins with him, for the place was extremely dangerous.

If disciples of Stormwind Sect decided to launch a surprise attack when they split up, the martial artists who went up the mountain would become lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Soon after, Jared and his group found the cave that had appeared all of a sudden. The entrance of the cave was vast and inside was just pitch-black darkness. They couldn’t see anything inside at all.

However, the cave emitted frigid air infused with high levels of spiritual energy.

Jared turned to Verner and the others. “Verner, I don’t think you guys should venture into the cave. We don’t know what’s inside, and your strength might not be enough to save yourselves from any potential danger in there. If an ancient ruin has shown itself, you can search the area and potentially find some other resources.”

After all, Verner and the others were too weak. If they went into the cave, they would probably be killed by the fall. From above, no one could even tell how deep the cave was.

“Okay, Mr. Chance. You should also be careful,” Verner replied.

Verner acknowledged their limitations and nodded in agreement. They were self-aware and knew they didn’t have enough strength to venture into the cave.

On the other hand, Jared and Skyler had no qualms about jumping into the cave.

No matter how deep the cave was, it didn’t matter to them. They could already fly using their energy, so they wouldn’t fall to their deaths.

The sound of rushing wind accompanied their speedy descent.

They descended into the abyss with only darkness in front of them, but their vision soon returned, and they found themselves in an empty space.

Jared gazed up but could no longer see the entrance to the cave. It felt as if they had entered an entirely different world.

“Is this a secret realm?” Jared wondered in surprise.

He knew that many secret realms were created by tearing space apart, but he had never encountered one inside a mountain range before. Despite his uncertainty, Jared continued to explore the area slowly.

He and Skyler walked in a random direction and soon came across a vast forest with thick trees that seemed endless at first glance.

Skyler was amazed by the vast forest in front of her and asked Jared, “Is this really the inside of Kazillion Mountains, Mr. Chance? Could there really be another world inside this place?”

Jared replied, “I’m not sure, but even if it is another world, it’s nothing special.”

He remained unfazed by the strange surroundings, as unexpected situations were common to him.

They continued to venture through the forest, but soon, Jared’s brows furrowed.

Skyler’s face took on a scarlet hue, and her expression was odd as well.

“There’s toxic fog here, so be careful…” he said before taking out a detoxifying pill and urging Skyler to take it.

Jared himself was immune to all poisons, so the toxic fog had no effect on him.

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