The Man Decree Chapter 2191 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2191-“Roar!”

At that moment, a series of beastly roars echoed through the air, followed by spine-chilling screams.

Jared and Skyler rushed toward the source of the sound.

However, when they arrived, they discovered several martial artist corpses lying on the ground.

These martial artists weren’t members of Stormwind Sect. They were likely martial artists from some other sects who snuck in while Stormwind Sect locked down the mountain range.

Unfortunately, they were too weak, and venturing into this cave only spelled trouble for them.

Facing several beasts, Jared drew his Dragonslayer Sword and joined forces with Skyler.

The beasts were valuable resources. Before long, they managed to collect several sparkling beast cores.

Jared couldn’t believe that there were actually beasts inside KaziIlion Mountains, and he couldn’t help but muse what else they might find in there.

Meanwhile, in an open space deep within the forest, several people dressed in strange garments gathered around the bodies of several beasts.

Their garments were embroidered with flame patterns, and their aura carried a hint of uncanniness.

It was clear at first glance that these people were practicing Demonic Cultivation.

“Lord Green isn’t here, so we’ll have to guard this place. If we can take possession of the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace, then Scorching Heaven Sect won’t have to live in fear of the other sects anymore!” said a grim-faced elder.

“Elgado, can you be sure that this is the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace? With such a large disturbance like this, other sects wouldn’t just sit by and do nothing. They’ll send people here,” another person replied doubtfully.

“Rest assured, we’re the closest to this place. By the time the other sects arrive, we’ll have found the ancient ruins and claimed it for ourselves! Lord Green was unable to obtain any resources from Alchemical Sect this time, so we can only rely on ourselves,” answered Elgado.

“However, when Lord Green left, he told us to be careful and wait for his return,” another person said.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! If we wait for Lord Green to return, the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace might have already been plundered! Now, we’ll set up arcane arrays everywhere. As soon as someone enters, we can trap them for a while. When we find the ancient ruins, I’m sure Lord Green will reward us handsomely,” Elgado said.

He added, “Then, we won’t have to live our lives hiding on this mountain anymore!”

Elgado’s eyes gleamed with joy, and his expression was filled with confidence.

“We’ll go with your plan then, Elgado!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“All right, let’s continue on our way now.”

With a wave of his hand, Elgado and the others disappeared into the depths of the forest.

After they left, a green mist began to spread from their resting place and into the forest.

Places like this that emitted green mist existed in many parts of the forest.

In this forest, Jared and Skyler continued to move forward, relying on Jared’s spiritual sense to guide them.

However, they felt like they were walking in circles and hadn’t made much progress even after they had walked for a long time.

Everything around them looked the same. The path they had walked on was surrounded by trees, and now there were still trees on both sides. Nothing had changed!

“Mr. Chance, do you think we might be going in circles? I feel like we’ve been walking for ages, but we’re still in the same place.

There are no sounds at all now, and there are no beasts either,” Skyler said to Jared, her tone laced with a hint of fear.

Jared frowned, then shook his head. “That’s impossible. Although the trees on both sides look the same, haven’t you noticed that the fog around us is getting thicker and changing from black to green?”

Only then did Skyler realize that the fog around them had slowly turned green, but she had no idea when it happened.

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