The Man Decree Chapter 2192 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2192 -However, since Skyler had taken the detoxifying pill, the toxic fog had no effect on her, so she hadn’t paid too much attention to it on the way.

Jared closed his eyes slightly, then suddenly sucked in the toxic fog into his body.

His eyebrows furrowed soon after.

“Mr. Chance, what’s wrong? Is there something different about this toxic fog?” Skyler asked anxiously.

“The original toxic fog was naturally formed, but this toxic fog is artificially created,” Jared replied. “It seems that we’ve walked into someone’s arcane array. That’s why we’ve been unable to find a way out.”

It was at this moment that Jared realized they had stumbled into an arcane array.

He was careless and hadn’t noticed it at first because he didn’t expect someone to set up such an arcane array.

Not any ordinary sect could set up such a thing. The person who created this array must have been a master of magecroft, and given the green color of the toxic fog, it’s possible that it’s the work of a Demonic Cultivator.

“Mr. Chance, could it be Emiliano who set up this arcane array? His group has entered Kazillion Mountains before us, so they should be ahead of us,” asked Skyler.

“That’s unlikely. Emiliano doesn’t have the ability to set up an arcane array like this. There must be other people here, apart from Stormwind Sect,” Jared said with a shake of his head. “We need to be careful from now on.”

It was dangerous for them as they had no idea whether those unknown individuals were friends or foes. The fact that the strangers were lurking in the shadows while they were out in the open made the situation even more perilous.

“What should we do? Can you break this arcane array?”

Skyler, though a Martial Arts God, was clueless about this type of arcane array.

Jared replied confidently, “This tiny arcane array is nothing to me. I can break it with a wave of my hand.”

Jared was sure of himself, knowing that this kind of small arcane array wasn’t worth his attention. If he hadn’t been careless in the beginning, he wouldn’t have been trapped in the array in the first place.

At the same time, the group from Scorching Heaven Sect, who had already left, suddenly stopped in their tracks.

“Elgado, what’s wrong?” someone asked.

“Somebody has entered our arcane array. Twin Grim Reapers, go and check it out. If you can catch them, it’ll be great. We can use them to exchange for resources,” Elgado said to two men with

different skin tones, known as the Twin Grim Reapers.

“If they resist, kill them no matter who they are. Do you understand?” he added with a serious tone.

“Don’t worry, Elgado. We’ll make sure to complete the mission…”

Soon, the Twin Grim Reapers disappeared into the thick fog.

Meanwhile, Jared was using his hands to create a strong suction, drawing in the surrounding mist.

With each wave of suction, the space around him rippled with golden light.

Suddenly, Jared’s brows furrowed, and he shouted, “Whoever is lurking around, come out now!”

His voice echoed far and wide, charged with spiritual power.

“I never expected there to be such a powerful mage in the hidden realm who could break our arcane array so quickly,” a loud voice responded.

Following this, the Twin Grim Reapers emerged from the mist.

They wore unusual clothing with large flame patterns on their chests.

However, their skin colors were quite unique.

One had a pallid complexion, resembling someone with vitiligo.

The other’s skin was so dark that one might assume they were from a hot tropical country.

The contrast between the two made them appear comical, but their Fourth Level Martial Arts God aura made it clear that they were not one to be trifled with.

Skyler recognized them at a glance and exclaimed in fear, “Scorching Heaven Sect? You two are from Scorching Heaven


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