The Man Decree Chapter 2193 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2193-Nigel and Rupert were momentarily stunned. They glanced at Skyler and said, “I didn’t expect a little girl like you would know about Scorching Heaven Sect. That’s right. We are Scorching Heaven Sect’s Twin Grim Reapers, and we are here to take your lives”

Rupert sized up Skyler with a lecherous gleam in his eyes.

“Ms. Loulland, what’s Scorching Heaven Sect?” Jared asked.

He was puzzled. I thought there were only nine sects in this hidden realm. Why is there an additional Scorching Heaven Sect now? Moreover, judging by these two men’s strength, this Scorching Heaven Sect must be quite formidable as a whole.

“Mr. Chance, Scorching Heaven Sect is a group for Demonic Cultivators. The wisp of soul remnant planted in my master’s body belonged to the leader of Scorching Heaven Sect, Yona Green. Back then, he challenged my master to a fight and left a wisp of his soul remnant in my master. As a result, Alchemical Sect was able to extort so many resources from Luminous Sect every year,” Skyler explained to Jared in detail.

“It was him?” Jared recalled that wisp of soul remnant. That soul remnant was already difficult to deal with. I can’t even imagine how powerful that person must be.

“It seems like there are too many ancient and mighty beings in this hidden realm.” Jared couldn’t help but sigh.

“I see, so you’re from Luminous Sect. That’s great. We can capture you and force Matthew to ransom you with resources,” Nigel uttered confidently as soon as he learned Skyler was from Luminous Sect.

That was because, aside from Alchemical Sect, Luminous Sect was the weakest among the nine sects. They didn’t have to worry about offending Luminous Sect.

“Nigel, you handle that guy who’s only a Martial Arts Saint, and let me deal with this girl. I’m going to have some fun. It’s been so many years since I laid my hands on a woman, so I’ll thoroughly enjoy myself today.” Rupert riveted his eyes on Skyler, an urge to ravish her washing over him.

Since Jared was merely a Martial Arts Saint while Skyler was just a Second Level Martial Arts God, Nigel and Rupert were certain they could handle the two of them.

“Y-You’re a shameless beast!” Listening to Rupert’s obscene words, Skyler blushed in embarrassment.

Rupert guffawed. “Seeing you getting angry just excites me more!”

Nigel said to Jared, “Brat, leave all your valuable belongings and quickly get lost. Judging by your cultivation level, you don’t seem like someone from this hidden realm. I shall show you mercy today and spare your life!”

“You’re not going to kill me?” Jared pretended to be surprised.

“That’s right. I won’t kill you if you scram now and don’t get in our way. The two of us are going to… Hehe…” Nigel laughed salaciously.

“Ah, what a pity. You two don’t want to kill me, but I want to end you both!” Jared sneered.

Nigel was taken aback. He didn’t anticipate an insignificant Martial Arts Saint like Jared would dare to say something like that.

“Brat, do you know who you’re talking to?” Nigel narrowed his eyes. A mere Martial Arts Saint can only beg for mercy when encountering a Martial Arts God, yet he has the audacity to speak so arrogantly?

“Indeed, I don’t know who I’m talking to. Your skin is so dark. Did your mother swallow charcoal when she was pregnant with you?” Jared asked.


Amidst that tense situation, Jared’s question prompted Skyler to snicker out loud.

Nigel was instantly enraged. He immediately withdrew a pitch- black soul-locking staff. The staff emitted an eerie dark aura and ghastly howls.

“Brat, I’m going to tear you to pieces and banish your soul to the depths of hell so you can never be reborn!” Nigel bellowed, his aura bursting forth at once.

At that moment, Rupert also brandished a pure white soul-locking staff which emanated chilling air.

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