The Man Decree Chapter 2194 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2194-Skyler suppressed her laughter, vigilantly watching her opponents and mobilizing her aura.

Still, a Second Level Martial Arts God like her would likely not last more than five exchanges of blows against their current opponent.

After all, Skyler didn’t possess Jared’s ability to fight against enemies with a higher cultivation level.

The higher the cultivation level was, the greater the difference between each level became, and the more impossible it was for the weak to defeat the strong.

Nigel and Rupert were Fourth Level Martial Arts Gods. Hence, Skyler didn’t stand a chance to win.

“Ms. Loulland, you can rest at the side and watch how I turn these two into dried corpses.” Jared smiled faintly.

Immediately afterward, his aura intensified.

Skyler nodded and took a few steps back, planning to watch Jared deal with the Twin Grim Reapers alone.

“Hmph! Are you crazy? I can’t believe a mere Martial Arts Saint like you think you can match up against us. I can slaughter you by myself.” Nigel snorted and swiftly dashed toward Jared.

Jared’s previous insult had infuriated him, and he wasn’t going to let that matter slide until he killed Jared.

In the blink of an eye, Nigel had arrived before Jared. He raised the soul-locking staff high above his head and brought it down with great force.

He figured that strike would likely pulverize anything in its path.

However, Jared merely smirked and sidestepped to dodge the attack effortlessly.

In the next instant, his body emitted rays of golden light, and Golem Body enveloped his figure, giving him the appearance of a golden-armored war god.

Noticing the sudden materialization of Golem Body on Jared, the Twin Grim Reapers were dazed.

“No wonder you’re so full of yourself, brat. It turns out you’re actually hiding a high-grade armor. Nevertheless, even if your body is made of iron, I will still smash you into a pulp today!” Nigel roared.

Jared didn’t respond. Golden lights erupted as Jared launched a Sacred Light Fist at Nigel.

The dazzling golden lights instantly lit up the vast forest.

Nigel’s expression changed slightly as he hurriedly used his soul­locking staff to block the attack.


A deafening sound reverberated as a massive force spread outward, causing the thick trees in the surroundings to be uprooted by the martial energy.

Nigel felt numbness in his arm while he kept retreating backward. “What a terrifying power. How could a mere Martial Arts Saint possess such strength?” He stared at Jared in disbelief.

“Nigel, be careful. This guy is deliberately acting weak. Judging by his capabilities, he’s definitely not just a lowly Martial Arts Saint,” Rupert, standing at one side, reminded Nigel.

Nigel nodded. Then, he leaped up. While his body was still in midair, he suddenly swung his staff.

The endless black mist exuded by the soul-locking staff transformed into numerous malicious spirits that viciously launched themselves at Jared.

Looking at those malicious spirits formed from the black mists, Jared curved his lips upward and laughed.

Seeing Jared’s reaction, Nigel was dumbfounded and baffled.

However, before he could react, he saw Jared focusing his energy on his elixir field. The next second, Jared opened his mouth, unleashing a powerful whirlwind-like suction force and swallowing those malicious spirits.

As the gale gradually subsided, Jared rubbed his belly and let out a satisfied burp.

Nigel stared at Jared in utter shock and incredulity. “Y-You can also use black magic? Are you a Demonic Cultivator, too?” he asked astonishingly.

“Bah! I have no interest in black magic. It’s just that my technique can perfectly counter yours!”

Jared expressed his contempt and stomped his foot, propelling himself toward Nigel like an arrow released from a bowstring.

Watching Jared charging in his direction, Nigel no longer wore a relaxed expression on his face. His pupils constricted, and his aura exploded.

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