The Man Decree Chapter 2195 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2195-“Sacred Light Fist!” Jared shouted.

That time around, his fist glowed with a golden light that was as dazzling as the sun. The glaring brilliance made everyone squint.

Infinite spiritual energy condensed before heading toward Nigel’s chest.

Nigel’s expression changed, and he hastily blocked it with his soul­locking staff again.

Unexpectedly, Jared’s speed did not show the slightest sign of decrease. In the next heartbeat, his fist landed squarely on the staff.


A deafening smash split the air, and the whole ground shook.

Even Verner and the others, who were in the mountains, could feel the earth quivering.

Sheer terror brimmed in Nigel’s eyes. Following that single punch from Jared, his soul-locking staff instantly snapped, yet the man’s fist shot forward unbarricaded to hit his chest with the same force.

Like a piece of paper, Nigel was promptly sent flying back, forcefully knocking down dozens of trees before landing heavily on the ground.

Bright red blood kept spurting out of his mouth, and horror was etched across his features.

“How is this possible? W-What exactly is your cultivation level?” he stuttered.

Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined that Jared, whom he looked down upon, was actually so powerful.

“Are you okay, Nigel?” Rupert asked.

Wearing a similar surprised expression on his face, he stepped forward and helped Nigel up, feeding him a pill at the same time.

After Nigel had taken the pill, the aura within his body started replenishing at lightning speed.

“I’m fine, still alive and kicking. It looks like we’ve got to join hands,” Nigel uttered.

In the beginning, he found it unnecessary for them to team up to deal with Jared since he believed he would be able to kill the latter alone with a single blow.

Alas, Jared turned the tables on him, and he ended up injured instead.

“Okay. Indeed, this brat had been hiding his capabilities pretty well. But when did the hidden realm have such a young elite? I’ve never heard of it,” Rupert remarked, scrutinizing Jared with utter puzzlement in his eyes.

There were no elites in the martial arts world beyond their realm. Moreover, they had no recollection of an elite as young as Jared in the nine sects within the hidden realm.

“Regardless of whether he’s from within or beyond the hidden realm, he must die today. Otherwise, our reputation would be ruined,” Nigel hissed through gritted teeth, his eyes blazing with fury.

Jared mocked them with a sneer. “Even if you two were to attack together, the outcome would still be the same. As such, I’d advise you to give up the futile struggle.”

“How arrogant!” Nigel snorted blithely, for he had already recovered his aura.

“Let’s kill him together, Nigel!” Rupert declared, his aura bursting forth and his eyes narrowing into slits.

At once, they leaped up and charged at Jared, one from the left and the other from the right.

Despite the simultaneous attack by two Fourth Level Martial Arts Gods, Jared remained motionless. Nonetheless, he unleashed Golem Body to its full potential.

In no time, a golden dragon started taking shape behind him. Subsequently, the gigantic creature circled in the air.

Right then, even his skin was glowing. With the addition of Golem Body to his tough physique, he was long since indestructible.

“All souls shall come to me!”

Rupert waved the soul-locking staff in his hand, upon which clouds of black mist turned into malicious spirits that swooped down on Jared.

Meanwhile, Nigel manifested flames in his palm. Black mist similarly encircled the flames.

The two of them seemingly arrived before Jared at the same time. Shooting a hand out, Jared struck it against Nigel’s palm.


In a flash, Nigel was sent flying once more.

At the same time, the soul-locking staff in Rupert’s hand hit Jared hard. Sparks flew, and many of the golden scales on the latter’s body were knocked off, vanishing into thin air.

Jared’s shimmering skin was exposed, but there was nary a scratch on him.

On the contrary, Rupert sensed his arm going numb, and his soul­locking staff almost slipped out of his hand.

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