The Man Decree Chapter 2200 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2200 -The moment his hand made contact with the stream water, a wave of murky energy instantly seeped into his body through his fingertips.

The murky energy swiftly corroded Jared’s internal organs as soon as it entered his body.

However, Jared’s body received the protection of the Power of Dragons, making him immune to all poisons. Hence, Jared managed to refine the murky energy with Focus Technique in no time.

He gradually got to his feet and narrowed his eyes at Luol.

Skyler hastily asked, “Mr. Chance, how was it? Is this the same water as Spring of Regeneration’s?”

Jared didn’t answer her. Instead, he moved his fingers and launched a flash of red light into Skyler’s mind.

Immediately afterward, he chanted the calming incantation, and waves of coolness instantly enveloped their bodies.

When Skyler opened her eyes again, she noticed there wasn’t anything around them. They were still inside the forest, but a sinister-looking old man now stood in front of them.

“W-What’s going on?” She was astonished, and utter disbelief filled her eyes.

“We entered an illusion, and everything we saw earlier was fake,” Jared elaborated to Skyler.

“Not bad, brat. You’ve got some skills to break my illusion spell. You’re the first one to achieve this in such a short period!”

Luol casually waved his hand, and the tokens initially stuck on the grounds returned to his hand. The next second, a black mist appeared around him.

At that instant, Luol wore a menacing expression and exuded a murderous aura.

“You’re from Scorching Heaven Sect. I didn’t expect another one of you to show up right after I killed the Twin Grim Reapers.” Sensing Luol’s aura, Jared immediately figured out his identity.

Luol was momentarily stunned before uttering incredulously, “What did you say? You are the one who killed the Twin Grim Reapers?”

“That’s right!” Jared nodded.

“No way! You’re just a mere Martial Arts Saint, so how could you possibly do away with the Twin Grim Reapers? Moreover, this girl is only a Second Level Martial Arts God. Even if you two joined forces, you wouldn’t be a match for them. If you know the Twin Grim Reapers are dead, you must know who the real murderer is. You two simply don’t have what it takes to kill the brothers!”

Luol was unconvinced that Jared was the one slaughtered the Twin Grim Reapers.

He could still believe it if someone had told him Stormwind Sect’s Garthor was the culprit. However, Jared, a Martial Arts Saint, claiming he had murdered Nigel and Rupert, was simply implausible to Luol.

“There’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me. Nevertheless, you will ultimately believe what I said is true,” Jared said while smiling faintly.

“Regardless of whether you killed the Twin Grim Reapers or not, now that you’ve intruded here, you must die. That’s because only we from the Scorching Heaven Sect are qualified to obtain the ancient ruins!”

As Luol spoke, the black mists around him churned, and his murderous aura burst forth.

“Ms. Loulland, you should step back.” Jared narrowed his eyes, which were filled with killing intent.

“Hmph! How dare an insignificant Martial Arts Saint like you speak so arrogantly! I shall kill you now. Let’s see if you really do have the capabilities to kill the Twin Grim Reapers!”

After saying that, Luol leaped up, gathering a large amount of black mist in midair. Then, he tossed out the token in his hand.

The word “Death” materialized, ablaze and covered in highly poisonous black mist.

Laced with intense poison, the “Death” word came crashing down at Jared.

Seeing that, Jared immediately brandished Dragonslayer Sword.

Although Luol wasn’t powerful, he was a formidable expert in magecraft. His illusion spell earlier had almost trapped Jared.

Hence, once Jared wielded Dragonslayer Sword, he swiftly swung the blade.

Sword energy instantly struck the “Death” word, splitting it in half. After that, the word disappeared, along with the flames on it.

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