The Man Decree Chapter 2204 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2204-“No, he’s Mr. Jared Chance, a martial artist who came from outside the hidden realm,” Skyler introduced.

“A martial artist from an external realm?” Avery seemed surprised. “I didn’t expect that a martial artist from the external realm would have the guts to come to a place like this. Hello, handsome. My name’s Avery Lindt. So glad to meet you!”

He extended his hand to Jared politely.

Initially, Jared did not wish to shake hands with this androgynous person. However, since Avery was so polite, Jared could not possibly act rudely in response. Hence, he had no choice but to shake hands with the man.

However, upon grabbing Jared’s hand, Avery started stroking it with his other hand.

A wave of disgust engulfed Jared, who had the urge to throw up. He quickly flung Avery’s hand away.

“You’re quite strong, Jared!” Avery chuckled before saying, “Skyler, since we’ve already bumped into each other, we can go together. We can take care of each other that way. There are a lot of wild beasts inside. Let’s not get our dear Jared injured.”

Skyler did not know how to reply to Avery’s suggestion, so she merely looked at Jared, who was trying his best not to puke out of disgust.

When no one spoke, Avery took out a geomantic compass and said, “If you follow me, you can find the ancient ruins more quickly. On the other hand, if you just search for it randomly, you’ll take a few days.”

After hearing what Avery said, Jared nodded. “Okay.”

“Great! Let’s go,” exclaimed Avery happily.

Just then, an elderly man in a white headscarf walked over and spoke to Avery. “Please get onto the carriage, Mr. Lindt.”

“I’m not traveling in the carriage anymore. It’s too boring. I want to walk for a while. Go ahead and open up a path for us,” said Avery with a wave of his hand.

At his behest, the two elderly men walked in front to open up a path. They chopped the trees aside as if they were nothing but straws.

Throughout the journey, Avery kept trying to chat with Jared, his eyes gleaming with affection.

Jared could do nothing but steady his breath, willing himself to enter a meditative state like during his cultivation. Otherwise, he would have vomited long ago.

Skyler burst out laughing when she saw Jared forcing himself to remain calm.

However, with Avery’s and the geomantic compass’ guidance, Jared and the rest left the forest quickly. Soon, a majestic palace emerged in front of them.

Not only was the palace enormous, but it also kept extending backward like there was no limit. No one knew how far the palace extended. It was evident how powerful those from the Narcissus Palace were to be able to construct such magnificent architecture in the heart of the mountains.

“So these are the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace… How awe-inspiring!” exclaimed Skyler when she witnessed the scene in front of her.

“Narcissus Palace used to be an extremely powerful clan. Even if all the three sects and six clans in the hidden realm were to combine forces, they could never surpass Narcissus Palace. It’s actually not a big deal for them to have the capability to build this,” said Avery calmly.

Evidently, he had read up on the history of Narcissus Palace before coming.

“There’s an arcane array in front of Narcissus Palace. We’ll have to deactivate it before we enter,” Luol chimed in at that moment.

“An arcane array?” Avery scoffed coldly. “What kind of arcane array would be strong enough to stop me?”

After a brief pause, he said to Jared, “Follow me, Jared. I’ll guarantee your safety. No arcane array would be able to harm you.”

Jared did not comment on Avery’s revolting behavior. Instead, he walked toward the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace directly.

Jared also knew that there was an arcane array. All that needed to be done was to deactivate it.

As he and the rest approached the ruins of the palace, the space around them trembled, and they were transported to another dimension.

At that moment, Emiliano, who was still trapped in the arcane array, sensed the air around him fluctuate. Thereafter, a bunch of people appeared.

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