The Man Decree Chapter 2205 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2205-“Jared?”

Jared immediately attracted Emiliano’s attention.

After all, Emiliano hated him to his guts. He instantly launched himself at Jared at the sight of the latter’s sudden appearance.

Jared also did not expect that he would meet Emiliano there.

However, when Emiliano charged toward him, Jared had already prepared himself. His aura surged, and golden light flickered on his fists.

Before Jared could make a move, he saw a white figure flash across his eyes and collide with Emiliano the next second.


Emiliano staggered a few steps backward before he steadied himself.

“Mr. Fairchild, are you all right?” the few Stormwind Sect disciples hurriedly asked.

Emiliano shook his head before gazing at Avery, who had just slammed into him. “What are you doing, Avery?”

Avery ignored him and turned around to ask Jared concernedly, “Jared, are you all right?”

Seeing that, Jared remained silent and took a few steps back, distancing himself from Avery. This is too disgusting…

Taking in Avery’s demeanor, Emiliano instantly gained clarity. Still, he regarded Avery with a cold visage and warned, “Avery, I have a grudge against Jared. It would be best if you don’t meddle!”

“Emiliano, is that grudge so important that you must start a fight now? We’re all trapped in this arcane array, yet you’re still in the mood to fight? Let’s figure out a way to leave for now. It seems to me you guys have been stuck here for quite some time and still haven’t found a way out. Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?” Avery uttered to Emiliano disdainfully.

“This is an ancient arcane array. Our sect’s mages are already working on breaking it. It won’t be long before we succeed,” Emiliano replied.

Hearing that, Avery sneered, “How dare a few pieces of trash from Stormwind Sect like you all claim yourselves to be mages. I could’ve removed this lousy arcane array with a casual wave of my hand!”

Emiliano didn’t retort after being mocked by Avery because he knew the eldest heir of Flying Star Sect was indeed a talented mage.

Not only had he attained the Fourth Level of Martial Arts God, but Avery’s mastery of magecraft was also stronger than others.

Avery performed a hand seal, and a red light glimmered in his hand. Immediately afterward, he casually flicked his wrist.

The space fluctuated, and the arcane array before them instantly vanished.

Subsequently, the majestic hall reentered everyone’s vision.

A hint of astonishment flashed across Emiliano’s eyes as he witnessed that scene.

Meanwhile, the few Stormwind Sect mages lowered their heads in embarrassment and remained silent.

“Mr. Chance, don’t be deceived by Avery’s effeminate appearance. He’s quite skilled in magecraft and is considered a genius in that field,” Skyler whispered beside Jared’s ear.

Jared curled his lips into a contemptuous smile without saying a word.

In his opinion, although Avery’s magecraft was indeed not bad, it wasn’t impressive, let alone prodigious. His magecraft can’t even match up against Luol’s. The reason he could break this arcane array so easily is that the few mages from Stormwind Sect had already done most of the work.

“All right, now that the arcane array is removed, we can enter now. However, all of you must follow closely behind me. I believe there are many more powerful arcane arrays inside. If anyone gets separated and is ambushed by any arcane array traps, don’t blame me for leaving you behind!” After saying that, Avery turned to Jared. “Jared, tread on my heels, and no one would dare to cause you any harm!”

While everyone moved into the hall, Emiliano glanced at Jared coldly. “Hmph! I can’t believe you even betrayed your body for survival. How disgusting!”

Jared did not say a word, let alone bother to respond to Emiliano’s remark. He was merely curious to see who was inside the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace and how that place was related to the Spring of Regeneration. Now that the Spring of Regeneration has disappeared, I need to think of another way to treat Flaxseed’s and Godrick’s bodies.

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