The Man Decree Chapter 2207 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2207-“Mr. Chance, what’s wrong? Those blood-stained stones are magical items,” Skyler asked Jared in confusion.

“Those are not magical items. They’re killing weapons. I can sense the murderous intent inside,” Jared said to her after running out of the corridor.

Luol nodded in agreement. “I can feel it too. There must be danger inside those rooms.”

Just then, screams came from the rooms on both sides of the corridor.

People kept running out of the rooms, and they were followed by terrifying black shadows.

The blood-stained stones emitted a chilling air that turned into highly aggressive black shadows.

The sudden change made everyone panic.

One of the black shadows pierced through a person’s body, killing him instantly, even before the person could let out a scream.

Large numbers of black shadows emerged from the rooms, catching people from Stormwind Sect and Flying Star Sect off guard and leaving them injured.

“Oh no, it’s a death array! Run!”

Only then did Avery realize that it was a death array, and the blood-stained stones weren’t magical items, either.

Everyone frantically rushed toward the way they came, terrified by what they saw.

Emiliano’s eyes narrowed, and his aura skyrocketed.

With a roar, he punched out his fists and shattered one of the black shadows, but more shadows rushed out from the rooms on both sides.

Emiliano had to retreat and fight back at the same time. He knew that these unknown entities would only deplete his energy if he continued fighting them.

People from Stormwind Sect protected him, but the black shadows seemed to be fearless and kept attacking.

“This is too scary…” Skyler was horrified by the scene before her.

“We have to leave quickly. We can’t stay here for long…”

Although Jared’s group managed to escape from the corridor, it was obvious that they couldn’t stay for long in the motionless hall.

Just as Jared was about to take Skyler and leave the ancient ruins, a gust of cold wind blew from the entrance, and the heavy doors slammed shut. A wave of negative energy filled the air, shrouding the entire hall.

“Oh no, we can’t get out now,” Luol said with furrowed brows.

Black shadows started to appear amidst the wave of negative energy, surrounding Jared and the others.

“It seems like we have no choice but to fight them.”

Jared pulled out his Dragonslayer Sword, and the sword’s spiritual fire burned brightly.

The black shadows were their true forms. Hence, slashing at them with normal swords wouldn’t hurt them. However, the spiritual fire was effective against negative energy.

Meanwhile, Luol activated his hand seals, and a circle of flames was conjured around him.

Skyler frowned. “These black shadows are too abnormal. We can’t kill them…”

She struck out a punch and shattered one of the shadows, but soon, they regrouped and attacked her again.

With spiritual fire, Jared could defeat the black shadows. However, more and more black shadows kept emerging.

Jared felt powerless against the surging wave of negative energy in the hall.

Even though he could also refine the negative energy, there was too much of it in the hall, and it would take centuries for him to absorb it all.

Emiliano and Avery had already rushed out, but when they saw the countless black shadows and felt the waves of negative energy in the hall, they, too, were stunned.

“F*ck, if only I had brought more people with me,” Avery cursed.

He couldn’t care about keeping up with his image anymore, and he continued to use the geomantic compass in his hand to fight the black shadows.

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