The Man Decree Chapter 2209 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2209-Everyone showcased their talents simultaneously, no one daring to slack off as they were in a life-or-death situation.

Avery’s geomantic compass floated above everyone’s head, shining on the group, defecting the invasion of the negative energy.

As Jared slowly moved, he returned to the tunnel with the most negative energy and dark shadows they had just passed.

Black shadows charged toward the group from both sides continuously, increasing the pressure Skyler and the rest felt.

“Damn, that fool. We went through so much to escape from this place, and now he is heading toward the tunnel again!” Emiliano scolded when he saw Jared approaching the underpass.

Just as the group was about to be defeated by the black shadows, Jared opened his eyes, and two beams shot out from them. With the lights reaching the deepest part of the tunnel, the rest of the group spotted a vivid red statue there. The group noticed that the life-like statue’s face was scrunched up ferociously, with a sword stuck in its body. They wondered who its creator was.

Jared shouted, “The core is where the statue is, and we must destroy it!”

Luol agreed, “That’s what we shall do, then!” With that, he jumped into the air, sending multiple flames out of his palms. However, when he neared the statue, a tremendous force of negative energy tried to engulf him.

Jared immediately stepped forward and tugged Luol back.

No! One does not simply go near the core!

“Why don’t you guys form a barricade here while I work this out…” Jared said as the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand began to glow while the roar of a dragon reverberated through the atmosphere.

Soon, a golden dragon appeared and charged toward the negative energy, disappearing from the public’s eyes. Jared followed suit, running into the negative energy after the golden dragon.

Meanwhile, the others tried their best to hold the black shadows back. No one knew whether Jared would return safely after vanishing into the overpowering negative energy. Still, they knew they could only wait for him to destroy the core so that the current situation could be resolved.

Jared felt the immense pressure of the negative energy the moment he stepped into it. Then, he saw a huge palm flying toward him. Even so, he didn’t pay any attention to it. Instead, he maximized the Power of Dragons using his Dragonslayer Sword.

A bright flash of light was quickly unleashed from the Dragonslayer Sword and moved toward the statue.


The force Jared released hit on the statue forcefully, causing an explosion. Jared was overjoyed to see the cracks formed on the statue even though his attack didn’t break it into pieces.

“Let’s have another go!” Jared knew another attack would shatter the statue and break the core for good. However, just as he was about to make another move, the massive palm print landed on him.

Jared felt his body sink into the ground as though the Kazillion Mountains had pinned him down.

He fell rapidly and hit the ground heavily as blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

He found himself unable to move when he wanted to because the pressure was huge.

Listening to the intense fighting sounds outside, Jared noticed that Skyler and the rest were on the verge of being defeated.

He let out a scream, widening his eyes and gritting his teeth to get up. With his back hunched, he stood weakly using the Dragonslayer Sword as support.

However, Jared was unable to swing another shot at the statue because of his awkward stance. He stared at the statue, then charged toward it, his body gleaming.

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