The Man Decree Chapter 2210 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2210 -He wanted to use his body as a weapon to knock into the statue forcefully, breaking it into pieces.


He slammed his body against the statue.


The statue collapsed to the floor and shattered into pieces. The dark, negative energy-filled main hall and tunnel became brightly lit again. The negative energy vanished instantly, along with the black shadows.

Skyler and the rest quickly rushed over to check on Jared, only to see him lying on the ground while panting heavily. Meanwhile, shock filled Emiliano’s face when he saw the dissipating negative energy.

“Did he really break the core?” Emiliano furrowed his brows as he led his men into the tunnel.

“Are you all right, Mr. Chance?” Skyler asked as she helped Jared up from the ground.

Jared bobbed his head. “Yeah.”

“What’s that?” Luol noticed a bright object among the broken fragments of the statue.

Jared looked over. He threw the shattered rocks away and saw that a dried corpse was hidden in the statue. It was a female corpse dressed in ancient clothing. She had a ferocious expression that resembled the statue. It was evident that this corpse had been there for thousands of years.

As for the sparkle that caught Luol’s attention, it came from the three green gemstones that were embedded into the corpse’s chest. The gemstones were filled with a considerable amount of the world’s energy, so after Jared picked it up, he felt an instant relief as the spiritual energy he had used up earlier got replenished instantly.

He wonted to use his body os o weopon to knock into the stotue forcefully, breoking it into pieces.


He slommed his body ogoinst the stotue.


The stotue collopsed to the floor ond shottered into pieces. The dork, negotive energy-filled moin holl ond tunnel become brightly lit ogoin. The negotive energy vonished instontly, olong with the block shodows.

Skyler ond the rest quickly rushed over to check on Jored, only to see him lying on the ground while ponting heovily. Meonwhile, shock filled Emiliono’s foce when he sow the dissipoting negotive energy.

“Did he reolly breok the core?” Emiliono furrowed his brows os he led his men into the tunnel.

“Are you oll right, Mr. Chonce?” Skyler osked os she helped Jored up from the ground.

Jored bobbed his heod. “Yeoh.”

“Whot’s thot?” Luol noticed o bright object omong the broken frogments of the stotue.

Jored looked over. He threw the shottered rocks owoy ond sow thot o dried corpse wos hidden in the stotue. It wos o femole corpse dressed in oncient clothing. She hod o ferocious expression thot resembled the stotue. It wos evident thot this corpse hod been there for thousonds of yeors.

As for the sporkle thot cought Luol’s ottention, it come from the three green gemstones thot were embedded into the corpse’s chest. The gemstones were filled with o consideroble omount of the world’s energy, so ofter Jored picked it up, he felt on instont relief os the spirituol energy he hod used up eorlier got replenished instontly.

The others had the same sensation. The earlier battle had left them exhausted. Yet now, they all felt relaxed and calm.

Jared grabbed the gemstone and focused his thoughts on it. Seconds later, a message appeared on the Wordless Tome in his mind.

Black Crystal is an ancient crystal that is found in the Ethereal Realm.

Surprise gripped Jared after he read the information about the gemstone before him.

Oh! So they are from the Ethereal Realm! But why are these crystals here, then? Is Narcissus Palace related to the Ethereal Realm in any way?

Jared picked out the other two crystals left on the corpse before giving the body a detailed observation. Though the corpse had existed for a long time, one could still tell the body belonged to a gorgeous woman in her thirties. However, judging by the terrified expression on her face, it seemed that she was stuffed into the statue while she was still alive and breathing.

Jared could not wrap his head around it.

Why would a crystal found only in the Ethereal Realm be on this woman’s body? Could it be… that she’s from the Ethereal Realm? If so, why did she die in Narcissus Palace and become a core? What caused the downfall of Narcissus Palace? Their ancient ruins are all preserved perfectly, with no sign indicating a battle or fight, so how did a sect as big as Narcissus Palace disappear from the world?

All kinds of questions plagued Jared’s mind, but he knew now wasn’t the right time to dwell on these issues. He searched the area for stones and built a tomb before burying the corpse in it.

Then, he walked over to Avery and gave him one of the Black Crystals. “Take one. This will aid you while you are cultivating.”

The moment Avery touched the stone, he could sense the world’s energy within the Black Crystal as he became energetic again. The man was taken by surprise, for even though the hidden realm was filled with resources and gemstones, there was none as magical as the Black Crystal.

“Here’s one for you, Ms. Loulland…” Jared passed another one to Skyler, allowing her strength to recover quickly.

Thoughts flashed across his mind.

After all, everyone contributed to our mission to destroy the core, so I can’t just take all the Black Crystals for myself. As for Luol, he is part of Scorching Heaven Sect. I can’t say whether he will turn over a new leaf. Hence, I won’t be giving him the Black Crystal.

Luol knew where he stood, so he was not frustrated that Jared had skipped him when giving out the Black Crystals.

Emiliano, on the other hand, stared at the dark green Black Crystals greedily. He gave his men a look before strolling over to Jared.

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