The Man Decree Chapter 2213 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2213-A few mages stepped forward and studied the arcane array, but they maintained a distance from it because none of them dared to touch it.

After a while, an elderly man approached Emiliano and spoke. “Mr. Fairchild, this is an ancient arcane array. If a needle is cast on the arcane array, it can’t be moved away unless we break the arcane array. And there’s Death Trap Formation in this arcane array. If we try destroying it by force, we’ll be burned to death by the spiritual fire, like what happened earlier.”

“Is it really that powerful?” Emiliano knitted his brows. “Will you be able to dismantle this arcane array?”

“Yes. I’ve studied this kind of arcane array before. I can dismantle it, but I need some time,” the elder replied.

“How much time do you need?” Emiliano continued asking.

“A day. A day is all I need to shatter the arcane array,” the elderly man said while raising his index finger.

Upon hearing that, Emiliano nodded, considering one day to be an acceptable timeframe. “All right, let’s do it right now. I’ll reward you heavily if you can get rid of this formation.”

The mages from Stormwind Sect immediately started working and tried to destroy the arcane array together.

“The arcane array established by Narcissus Palace is truly formidable. If I were to venture into unraveling its complexities, I fear it would take me more than a day. I never expected the mages from the Stormwind Sect to possess such advanced magecraft.” Luol sighed.

A few moges stepped forword ond studied the orcone orroy, but they mointoined o distonce from it becouse none of them dored to touch it.

After o while, on elderly mon opprooched Emiliono ond spoke. “Mr. Foirchild, this is on oncient orcone orroy. If o needle is cost on the orcone orroy, it con’t be moved owoy unless we breok the orcone orroy. And there’s Deoth Trop Formotion in this orcone orroy. If we try destroying it by force, we’ll be burned to deoth by the spirituol fire, like whot hoppened eorlier.”

“Is it reolly thot powerful?” Emiliono knitted his brows. “Will you be oble to dismontle this orcone orroy?”

“Yes. I’ve studied this kind of orcone orroy before. I con dismontle it, but I need some time,” the elder replied.

“How much time do you need?” Emiliono continued osking.

“A doy. A doy is oll I need to shotter the orcone orroy,” the elderly mon soid while roising his index finger.

Upon heoring thot, Emiliono nodded, considering one doy to be on occeptoble timefrome. “All right, let’s do it right now. I’ll reword you heovily if you con get rid of this formotion.”

The moges from Stormwind Sect immediotely storted working ond tried to destroy the orcone orroy together.

“The orcone orroy estoblished by Norcissus Poloce is truly formidoble. If I were to venture into unroveling its complexities, I feor it would toke me more thon o doy. I never expected the moges from the Stormwind Sect to possess such odvonced mogecroft.” Luol sighed.

“Don’t listen to those losers. I doubt they can solve this even in three days!” Avery sneered with disdain, looking down upon the mages from Stormwind Sect.

Upon hearing how Avery degraded Stormwind Sect, Emiliano was triggered. He glared at Avery and said, “Avery, how much time do you need to undo the array since you’re so powerful? I don’t think you know what to do either!”

“Even if I were to personally attempt to shatter this formation, it would take me a minimum of three days. I bet these so-called mages from Stormwind Sect would struggle to solve it in ten days, let alone within twenty-four hours!” Avery uttered.

Emiliano’s face turned even colder after he heard Avery’s words.

“They won’t be able to solve it even in a month. This arcane array is beyond their abilities,” Jared chimed in.

The mages from Stormwind Sect, despite claiming the title of masters, possessed a far from impressive mastery of magic. Their knowledge and skills in magic were superficial, enough to deceive individuals like Emiliano as they only had a shallow understanding of magecraft.

“Spare me your sarcasm, Jared. If you’re so great, go ahead and destroy this arcane array in one day!” Emiliano roared.

“What makes you think I need a day? I can easily solve this in a minute,” Jared responded while flashing a grin.

Upon hearing that, Luol and Avery looked at him. As masters of magecraft, they could discern the complexity of the arcane array.

Breaking such a complex ancient array in less than a minute would be nothing short of a joke.

Although Emiliano had no knowledge of that, he did not believe Jared could solve the array in just a minute. “Stop bragging. I don’t believe you have that ability!”

“You’ll see if I have that capability once I give it a try. But if I successfully dismantle the arcane array, I want to be the one distributing the treasures hidden behind that stone door. Are you fine with that?” Jared asked Emiliano, giving him an icy smirk.

Emiliano could not help but hesitate after seeing the confident look on Jared’s face. He was worried that Jared might actually undo the arcane array.

“Jared, if you can break this formation, I’ll give up my share of the treasure,” Avery said.

Avery, who was skillful in magecraft, did not believe Jared could shatter the arcane array in just a minute.

Nonetheless, Emiliano did not want to risk it. He turned to the mages from Stormwind Sect and said, “Hurry up! Don’t allow others to underestimate you and claim that you are unworthy of the title of mage.”

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