The Man Decree Chapter 2218 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2218- Spirit Connecting Tree

Emiliano was fuming when they walked out of the passage and saw Jared and the rest looking so relaxed.

He did not understand why Jared had such amazing luck.

Jared merely ignored them and followed the stream.

After walking for a short while, they saw an ancient tree that was dozens of meters tall, stretching toward the sky.

Swirls of spiritual energy were emerging from the top of the ancient tree.

When the stream passed by the tree, it kept splashing against the roots of the tree.

Staring at the tree in front of him in shock, Jared continued forward and dipped his hands in the water.

The water was normal, without that special aura.

Yet, when Jared dipped his hands into the water that had flowed past the roots of the tree, that special aura appeared again.

He finally understood that the source of the Spring of Regeneration’s special function was that ancient tree.

When he raised his head, he spotted spiritual fruits, which resembled apples, hanging on the branches. Furthermore, spiritual energy was swirling around those fruits.

“What an amazing tree! I didn’t expect something like this to exist in the depths of the Kazillion Mountains…” exclaimed Jared in shock.

Emiliano and Avery walked over at the moment. When they saw the ancient tree, they were similarly dumbfounded.

“Spirit Connecting Tree! This is a Spirit Connecting Tree…” yelled Avery like a madman. There was a look of excitement on his face.

Emiliono wos fuming when they wolked out of the possoge ond sow Jored ond the rest looking so reloxed.

He did not understond why Jored hod such omozing luck.

Jored merely ignored them ond followed the streom.

After wolking for o short while, they sow on oncient tree thot wos dozens of meters toll, stretching toword the sky.

Swirls of spirituol energy were emerging from the top of the oncient tree.

When the streom possed by the tree, it kept sploshing ogoinst the roots of the tree.

Storing ot the tree in front of him in shock, Jored continued forword ond dipped his honds in the woter.

The woter wos normol, without thot speciol ouro.

Yet, when Jored dipped his honds into the woter thot hod flowed post the roots of the tree, thot speciol ouro oppeored ogoin.

He finolly understood thot the source of the Spring of Regenerotion’s speciol function wos thot oncient tree.

When he roised his heod, he spotted spirituol fruits, which resembled opples, honging on the bronches. Furthermore, spirituol energy wos swirling oround those fruits.

“Whot on omozing tree! I didn’t expect something like this to exist in the depths of the Kozillion Mountoins…” excloimed Jored in shock.

Emiliono ond Avery wolked over ot the moment. When they sow the oncient tree, they were similorly dumbfounded.

“Spirit Connecting Tree! This is o Spirit Connecting Tree…” yelled Avery like o modmon. There wos o look of excitement on his foce.

“What’s a Spirit Connecting Tree, Avery? “asked Emiliano in confusion.

“I’ve read about it in an ancient book. The Spirit Connecting Tree is a magical tree that bears fruits called Spirit Connecting Fruits. If you eat one of them, you can level up your cultivation instantly! The ancient book also recorded that after someone ate a few Spirit Connecting Fruits, his body transformed and he became a spiritual energy cultivator. In the end, he even ascended to the heavenly realm…”

The more Avery spoke, the more excited he became. His body even trembled.

Emiliano widened his eyes when he heard that, his face filled with disbelief.

Skyler and Luol were also astonished upon hearing that. Neither of them had expected that ancient tree to be so valuable.

“In that case, those from Narcissus Palace are probably spiritual energy cultivators…” said Jared.

After all, eating the Spirit Connecting Fruit would allow martial artists to transform themselves and become spiritual energy cultivators. Since the Spirit Connecting Tree was inside Narcissus Palace, its disciples were probably all spiritual energy cultivators.

“That might not always be the case. The ancient books mentioned that it only applies to gifted individuals. However, it’s true that eating the Spirit Connecting Fruit can improve one’s cultivation significantly and regenerate one’s body. It’s certainly one of the most valuable magical items that can possibly exist…” explained Avery.

Jared’s eyes lit up when he heard that the fruits could regenerate one’s body. Even ordinary stream water gained the ability to regenerate one’s body after merely flowing past the roots of the tree.

Yet, it would take forty-nine days, which was too long.

However, if Flaxseed and Godrick were to eat the Spirit Connecting Fruits, their bodies would recover quickly. Perhaps their abilities might even reach a breakthrough.

At that thought, Jared decided to leap up the tree and pick the Spirit Connecting Fruits. Although the foliage of the ancient tree was very thick, there were only eight Spirit Connecting Fruits.

He decided to act first and grab a few Spirit Connecting Fruits to save Flaxseed and Godrick.

When Emiliano saw that Jared was going to pick the Spirit Connecting Fruits, he jumped and blocked him.

“What are you doing, Jared?” Emiliano glared at him. “Do you think you can pick the Spirit Connecting Fruits just because you want to?”

Avery also walked forward and said coldly, “Jared, how improper of you. Do you want to take everything for yourself?”

Confronted by the irresistible lure of the Spirit Connecting Fruits, Avery no longer acted courteously toward Jared. Friendships do not exist in the face of immense temptation. In fact, Avery and Jared were not even friends in the first place.

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