The Man Decree Chapter 2226 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2226-No one dared to claim that they could take on this dragon. But if they didn’t kill the dragon, they would never be able to get the Spirit Connecting Fruit.

Elgado furrowed his brow and said seriously, “The dragon is too powerful. We have no way of defeating it.”

“What do we do? Are we just going to give up?” Emiliano lamented. The coveted spirit fruit was within arm’s reach, yet it remained out of their grasp.

“I have a plan, but it will require someone to incur the dragon’s wrath and distract it from here. We will then take the opportunity to pick the fruit,” Elgado suggested.

“That plan might work, but who is going to face the dragon’s wrath?” Avery asked.

After all, anyone who took on the task of luring the dragon away and dealing with its wrath would undoubtedly face certain death. No one in their right mind would want to do such a thing.

The trio looked at each other. No one was willing to take on the deadly task.

The problem was that if they sent their subordinates, those poor souls would most likely be devoured before they could even distract the dragon.

Suddenly, Emiliano shifted his gaze toward Skyler and Jared. A glimmer of excitement flashed in his eyes.

“I have an idea. Let’s send these two to lure the dragon away so that we can pick the Spirit Connecting Fruit.”

Emiliano had been hoping to end Jared’s life. Sending him to incur the dragon’s wrath would be a surefire way of killing him.

“Great idea. They’re as good as dead already, so we might as well use them.” Avery nodded in agreement.

Although Elgado was hesitant to sacrifice Jared’s body and power, he had no other option but to acquiesce when he considered the spirit fruit.

Emiliano walked up to Jared and said arrogantly, “Jared, we have decided to give you a chance to live. You and Skyler will lure the dragon away from here. As long as you succeed, you can leave this place alive.”

“Do you think we’re stupid, Emiliano? We know that provoking the dragon is a death sentence,” Skyler snarled.

Right then, Avery walked over and threatened Skyler and Jared, “Not necessarily so. If the two of you work together, there’s a chance both of you could survive. However, if you refuse to try, we’ll just kill you both right now.”

“Stop fooling yourselves. We may be doomed to die, but we’re not going to help you,” Skyler snapped. She knew they were fated to die that day. However, she didn’t want to meet her end trying to assist these men.

“Okay, since you have made your choice, I’ll kill you right now!” Emiliano gathered a sudden burst of aura, ready to attack Skyler and Jared.

“Hold on…” Jared suddenly spoke.

Emiliano stopped in his tracks and turned to Jared. “Have you thought it over? This is your last chance to survive.”

“Okay, I agree to lure the dragon away.” Jared nodded.

Emiliano’s face lit up with joy. “That’s more like it. Remember, you have to fight for your chances in life.”

“Mr. Chance…”

Skyler couldn’t understand Jared’s decision.

Why would he risk his life to help Emiliano and his gang when we are going to die anyway?

Jared waved his hand at Skyler and said, “Even if we’re going to die, I don’t want to die at their hands.”

After hearing this, the woman said nothing more.

“You are an honorable man. Now go and lure the dragon away. Remember, no tricks. If you don’t lure the dragon away, you won’t be able to escape,” Emiliano instructed Jared.

However, the latter ignored him and slowly walked toward the Spirit Connecting Tree with the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand. Skyler followed closely behind him.

Although they knew the odds of survival were low and had mentally prepared themselves for it, Skyler still felt nervous when she looked up at the dragon on the tree.

“Don’t be afraid. We won’t die,” Jared said to Skyler with a reassuring smile.

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