The Man Decree Chapter 2228 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2228 -Nonetheless, none of the disciples seemed scared of what was happening. Rather, they looked excited for what was to come.

The black tendrils suddenly pierced through their bodies, and their martial energy was drained rapidly.

At the same time, Elgado’s powers grew significantly, and the black mist around him became thicker and thicker.

Soon, the disciples turned into dried corpses. Yet, even after their deaths, they still had delighted looks on their faces. It was as if death was something worth being happy about.

Emiliano and Avery were left dumbfounded by this scene. Even though they knew Demonic Cultivation could allow one to absorb someone else’s energy to strengthen oneself, it was still shocking to have witnessed it themselves.

“Elgado, are you planning on absorbing others’ powers to fight Jared?”

Avery finally figured out Elgado’s plan.

“Yes. Can any of you come up with something better other than this?” Elgado answered.

Avery said nothing in response. After all, there was no better way than this to deal with Jared.

Emiliano, on the other hand, furrowed his brows. “While it’s true that you can go against Jared after absorbing their powers to strengthen yourself, you can easily deal with us as well. What if you don’t hand us the Spirit Connecting Fruits once you’re done fighting?”

He had worries of his own. If Elgado managed to strengthen himself, their only outcome, in the end, was death. Elgado had the final say in whether or not he wanted to give them the Spirit Connecting Fruits after all.

“Do you have any other choice besides trusting me, Mr. Fairchild? Besides, there’s noway I’d betray two major clans just for some Spirit Connecting Fruits. I’m no fool!” Elgado said.

“Emiliano, I think it’s worth a try. Otherwise, not only will we not get the Spirit Connecting Fruits, but there’s also no way Jared will let us off the hook,” Avery said. He knew there would definitely be a spike in Jared’s powers if he got his hands on the fruits. None of them could ever live another day if that were to happen.

After hesitating for a moment, Emiliano nodded and said, “All right, then. Let’s do this!”

The disciples of Stormwind Sect were left stunned at his words. They instantly fell to their knees as they begged, “You can’t do this, Mr. Fairchild! We’ve been nothing but loyal to you. You can’t abandon us!”

The disciples of Flying Star Sect were also on their knees. They were about to beg for their lives when black tendrils slithered toward them and wrapped themselves around their bodies.

These martial artists knew there was no use begging for their lives. They began darting in every direction, trying to leave the wretched place.

Unfortunately, the tendrils had a death grip around them, and none of them could budge at all.

Once again, Elgado’s aura increased significantly as the martial artists’ powers flowed toward him.

Jared’s brows knitted together at the sight of this. Still riding on the dragon, he rushed downward at them.

He couldn’t let Elgado get any more powerful. Things would become troublesome otherwise.

Jared was still severely injured, so he could only rely on the dragon’s powers. If the creature couldn’t defeat Elgado, then there was no way Jared could protect the Spirit Connecting Fruits anymore.

The dragon let out a roar and charged at Elgado under Jared’s control.

Elgado merely snorted and leaped upward, throwing a punch at the dragon as he did so.

The dragon opened its mouth and unleashed its breath, which collided with Elgado’s punch head-on.


Martial energy permeated the air following the impact. The dragon’s breath dissipated, and a terrifying force knocked against its head.

It let out an agonizing cry, almost shaking Jared off its head in the process.

Elgado swayed and plunged from mid-air.

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