The Man Decree Chapter 2233 by desirenovelThe Man Decree Chapter 2233The Man Decree Chapter 2233 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2233-Before the others snapped out of their shock, another lightning tribulation descended.

Boom! Boom!

“How many times has the lightning tribulation occurred? Is it over yet?” asked Emiliano.

He was dumbfounded as he watched the lightning tribulation continue. I can’t believe the dark clouds are still there.All of us have experienced the mandatory lightning tribulation to achieve our breakthrough of becoming a Martial Arts God, but no one has ever gone through one this terrifying! Not even the lightning tribulation of a Martial Arts Sovereign is this ridiculous!

“This is the seventh…” Avery muttered, bewildered.


After the seventh lightning tribulation occurred, the sphere protecting Jared cracked open like flower petals, splitting apart and spreading outward.

As a result, Jared’s and Skyler’s bodies were exposed.

While the sphere had come undone, Jared’s eyes were still closed, and he still wasn’t moving.

Yet, the dark clouds remained, seemingly intent to stay.

“There’s still more lightning tribulation waiting for him? I want to see how this brat will survive it!” remarked Emiliano as he glanced at the clouds.


A purple lightning bolt pierced through the dark clouds. Following a mighty boom, it struck Jared.

That lightning tribulation was even more powerful than the previous ones. Unable to withstand the pressure any longer, Skyler fell from the Spirit Connecting Tree.

The lightning tribulation landed on Jared. Seconds later, a large cloud of green smoke enveloped Jared’s body.

Furthermore, Emiliano and the others picked up the smell of burned flesh, even though they were standing far away from Jared.

“What did I say? No one can withstand that ridiculous lightning tribulation. Even if Jared didn’t turn to ash, he’d be a charred corpse by now,” Emiliano sneered.

Upon taking in the scent of burning flesh, Elgado spoke with disappointment. “He was such an amazing vessel. What a shame.”

“Jared sure is unlucky. I bet the lightning tribulation was much more intense because he consumed the Spirit Connecting Fruit. The fruit may be incredible, but there are still downsides to eating it.” Avery was certain the Spirit Connecting Fruit was the cause of Jared’s misfortune.

However, just when everyone thought Jared was dead, the smoke cleared, allowing them to see he was still sitting in his original spot. He was alive and seemingly unharmed.

Although, his clothes had been blasted apart by the lightning tribulation. It was all tattered like a beggar’s.

Slowly, Jared’s body began to levitate. His skin gradually turned transparent while the blood in his body could be clearly seen.

“This…” Emiliano and the others lifted their sights and gazed at him, stunned. Their jaws were on the ground as a look of disbelief appeared on their countenance.


A golden lightning bolt whizzed through the air.

Seconds later, the dark clouds finally dissipated.

When the lightning tribulation hit Jared, it instantly transformed his transparent body into a shade of gold.

At that moment, Jared was floating in the air, his body shining in gold.

His terrifying aura soared at a meteoric rate. Soon, it was about to reach its peak.

The space around him trembled before his aura’s growth skyrocketed.

His terrifying aura began spreading to the surrounding. When Emiliano and the others sensed it, their hearts quivered, and they felt the urge to kneel.

Slowly, the aura dissipated. Jared opened his eyes, his presence becoming further dignified. His body levitated as he stared at the group, like a god looking down on mortals.

“Even though he’s only achieving his breakthrough as a Martial Arts God, his ascension is marvelous. He is truly outstanding.” Elgado’s expression turned serious as he adjusted his aura to its best possible state.

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