The Man Decree Chapter 2237 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2237-Elgado bellowed, his body slowly rising into the air. Soon after, a dark aura enveloped him as countless tentacles sprouted from the ground.

Those tentacles began to attack all surviving organisms on the ground viciously. Even Emiliano and Avery weren’t spared.

Skyler was also caught off guard and was entangled by a tentacle under her feet.

Startled, she hurriedly shouted at Jared, “Mr. Chance!”

Seeing that, Jared immediately unleashed a flash of light from Dragonslayer Sword to cut off the tentacle.

Emiliano and Avery were also taken by surprise as they were entangled by the tentacles.

“Elgado, what are you doing? Let go of us!” Emiliano and Avery roared.

“None of us can escape as long as this brat doesn’t die. Instead of getting killed by him, isn’t it better if you contribute your strength and help me slaughter him? This is one way to fulfill your wishes too,” Elgado uttered frostily.

“No… Don’t!”


Emiliano and Avery struggled desperately.

They never thought they would escape death at Jared’s hands just to get betrayed by Scorching Heaven Sect.

Jared swung his sword to protect Skyler, not allowing those tentacles to reach her while gazing impassively at Emiliano and Avery as they made violent efforts to free themselves. They should’ve foreseen this outcome when they chose to cooperate with Scorching Heaven Sect previously!

“If you treat us like this, Stormwind Sect will definitely annihilate Scorching Heaven Sect once we get out of here!”

“Flying Star Sect will also spare no effort to avenge me and hunt down everyone in Scorching Heaven Sect!”

Emiliano and Avery threatened Elgado.

However, Elgado was unfazed. He sneered, “If you die here, who would know I killed you? I can simply say that you were all killed by this Jared brat. Haha!”

Elgado appeared to have planned to double-cross them all along. Even If they obtained the Spirit Connecting Fruit, Emiliano and Avery likely wouldn’t receive anything in the end.

“Jared… No, Mr. Chance, please save me. If you save my life, I promise I’ll never bother you again!”

“Jared, considering how I’ve led you to the ancient ruins, please help me! Please rescue me!”

Emiliano and Avery began to call out to Jared for help frantically.

However, Jared merely wore a poker face, having no intention of lending them a helping hand.

Soon, Emiliano and Avery’s voices gradually died down, while Elgado’s aura rapidly intensified.

His nearly severed arm started to heal quickly. Even his wounds were recovering at high speed as his body exuded a green aura.

Jared knew that was because Elgado absorbed Emiliano’s abilities. Emiliano had altered genes that allowed him to have rapid regeneration. As a result, Elgado also possessed the same power now.

“Brat, let’s see if you can still survive this time ”

Elgado’s cultivation level broke through the Eight Level and continued rising all the way to the Top of the Ninth Level before stopping. If he could consume a few more Spirit Connecting Fruits at that moment, he might even be able to advance to the level of Martial Arts Sovereign.

Elgado suddenly charged toward Jared with lightning-fast speed, making it impossible for Jared to even catch a glimpse of his figure.

Jared felt a heavy punch smash into his chest, and he was instantly sent flying backward and slammed forcefully into a massive rock.

Before Jared could react, Elgado appeared before Jared again and ruthlessly stomped on him with all his might.


A loud bang echoed as the earth shook. The next instant, a huge crater was formed on the ground, and Jared’s body was booted deep into the depths of the hole.

“Hahaha! Brat, let’s see what tricks you have left up your sleeves!” Elgado guffawed while looking down at Jared arrogantly.

“Mr. Chance!” Skyler screamed anxiously after witnessing the one­sided battle.

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