The Man Decree Chapter 2238 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2238 -Jared lay at the bottom of the crater with blood trickling down the corner of his mouth. With his current strength as a newly-advanced Martial Arts God, he was still no match for a Top Level Martial Arts God.

In terms of power and speed, a Top Level Martial Arts God was way beyond a normal Martial Arts God, as the former required only the right opportunity to break through to the Martial Arts Sovereign level.

Jared struggled to get up. Although he knew it was almost impossible for him to defeat a Top Level Martial Arts God with his existing abilities, he would never give up and wait idly for death.

All he needed was to figure out a way to absorb more power to accomplish another breakthrough. That way, he would have what it takes to face off against Elgado.

However, aside from the two Spirit Connecting Fruits in his Storage Ring, there wasn’t anything else around him that could rapidly boost his abilities. But if/consume these two Spirit Connecting Fruits, Flaxseed and God rick will have no hope of recovery and will remain bedridden for life. I can’t do this. I must save both of them!

Another method was to absorb Skyler’s power to achieve a breakthrough, but doing that would cause Skyler to die and be turned into a dried corpse.

Jared couldn’t do that either. I can’t hurt my friend for my own benefit!

While Jared was overwhelmed by despair inside the deep crater, he suddenly felt streams of spiritual energy flowing speedily beneath his feet.

Jared hastily looked down in surprise and discovered a thick tree root now exposed before him.

Staring at the tree root and sensing the dense spiritual energy circulating within, Jared was overjoyed. I’m guessing this the root of the Spirit Connecting Tree.

An enormous Spirit Connecting Tree like that undoubtedly contained tremendous spiritual energy. If Jared refined the spiritual energy within the Spirit Connecting Tree for his own use, accomplishing a breakthrough would be the least of his worry.

Jared gently touched the Spirit Connecting Tree’s root with his hand, and a large influx of power instantly engulfed him.

At that moment, the force surged within him and circulated in his elixirfield.

He activated his Focus Technique at full speed, continuously refining that energy to augment his cultivation level.

The Spirit Connecting Tree seemed to have sensed something and started to sway on its own. The tree leaves rustled and fell. Every piece of falling leaves turned into sharp blades and attacked everything in the surrounding.

Skyler and Elgado swiftly retreated, staying out of the tree leaves’ attack range.

Elgado was puzzled, looking at the Spirit Connecting Tree, which was moving side to side. What happened? Why is the initially unmoving Spirit Connecting Tree suddenly shaking so violently?

Amidst Elgado’s confusion, he suddenly sensed Jared’s exponentially-rising aura from the crater.

“What’s going on?” Elgado furrowed his brows. He wanted to get closer and look at what was happening to Jared inside the pit.

Unfortunately, the Spirit Connecting Tree’s leaves were razor­sharp. Even a Top Level Martial Arts God like Elgado would have his skin cut open by the leaves if he entered the tree’s attack range.

Not long after, he noticed brilliant golden light shining inside the deep crater. Moreover, Elgado also sensed Jared’s aura evolving from a newly-advanced First Level Martial Arts God to the Top of the First Level and about to break through to Second Level.

“What the h‘ll is going on? Why is this happening?”

Elgado was bewildered. What could possibly allow a new Martial Arts God to reach the Top of the First Level in such a short period?

Before he could figure out the reason, Jared’s aura had broken through the First Level, turning him into a Second Level Martial Arts God.

Moreover, his aura didn’t stop getting stronger and continued to soar. No one could tell how much further Jared’s abilities would be enhanced.

At the same time, the Spirit Connecting Tree began to wither slowly from its crown.

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