The Man Decree Chapter 2239 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2239-Witnessing the Spirit Connecting Tree withering before his very eyes, Elgado came to a realization.

1 can’t believe he’s draining power from the Spirit Connecting Tree!

It finally occurred to him that Jared was attempting to claim the strength of the Spirit Connecting Tree as his own.

After all, the energy within Spirit Connecting Tree was far more potent than any Spirit Connecting Fruit could ever offer.

No, he’ll never attain yet another breakthrough—not on my watch!

Elgado let out a holler so deafening that clouds of black mist emerged and engulfed his body. Immediately afterward, he barreled in the crater’s direction.

As he charged ahead, leaves fell from above and whirled past him, triggering fiery sparks of light. Still, nothing could halt his advance at that point.

Skyler, in turn, could somewhat tell what Elgado was up to. Putting her own life on the line, she gripped the sword firmly and darted toward him. Petals began riding the air current and cut her skin like a saber. Nonetheless, she showed no signs of backing down.

She had her heart set on buying Jared some time, no matter how fleeting that moment would come to be.

The sword in her hand transformed into a spirit snake and pounced on Elgado.

The latter, though, could not even be bothered to spare her a glance. “Hmph! What an insolent fool…”

With a flick of his fingers, Skyler was flung away into the distance like a kite with a broken thread.

There was not a snowball’s chance in hell that she would get to hold Elgado back even for a split second, not with the huge gap in strength between the two of them.

Soon enough, Elgado reached the crater, only to find that Jared was sitting cross-legged inside and that his body was radiating with a golden light.

With bloodshot eyes, he pinned his gaze on Jared and bellowed, “I won’t let you make a comeback!”

Right after dropping that threat, he thrust a palm strike toward the bottom of the crater. A gigantic palmprint shrouded by black mist materialized in mid-air. It was so massive that it could cover the entire surface of the crater.

The palmprint drew closer and was about to reach Jared at any moment. All of a sudden, Jared opened his eyes and emitted a thunderous roar.

His body turned golden in color as golden scales enveloped him from head to toe.

A horrifying wave of energy then burst from within him and zapped toward the air.

In the face of Jared’s outburst of wrath, Elgado’s enormous palmprint was completely destroyed before it vanished into thin air.

Jared steadily rose from the bottom of the craterand floated in mid-air. Behind him was the already withered Spirit Connecting Tree, bursting into flames.

In a matter of seconds, the Spirit Connecting Tree was reduced to ashes. Gone was the divine, ancient tree, just like that…

Elgado gaped at Jared hanging in mid-air, his eyes shining with surprise and astonishment.

He was least anticipating Jared to overcome his attack so effortlessly.

At that moment, Jared’s visage was as grim as death. A gaze from Jared was more than enough to make Elgado shake like a leaf involuntarily.

Following the eruption of a terrifying aura within Jared, he bawled and glowed with a golden hue.

Elgado froze at Jared’s overwhelming aura, one that could only be released by a Third Level Martial Arts God. Never did he expect Jared to have made such a quantum leap all the way from being a First Level Martial Arts God in such a short period of time.

Before he could snap out of it, Jared’s aura started to spread across the field in every direction.

The frightening aura was unusually intense that it drove Elgado backward time and again. Eventually, it lifted him off the ground and sent him flying.

In light of such circumstances, he knew that he would be done for should Jared continue to have the upper hand. Unleashing his ultimate technique was his only way out.

“Scorching Heaven Palm!” he shouted.

Solidifying right before him was a tremendous amount of martial energy, coupled with columns of raging infernos encircling him.

All Jared did next was snort and swung his hand at Elgado.

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