`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1609 by desirenovel

Chapter 1609 Cesspool

“Sc*mbag?” Edgar quipped with a smirk. “So what if I am? If you refuse to strip, don’t blame me for what I’m about to do…” With that, he waved his arm and sucked the teenager into his hand.

The latter, who was now at Edgar’s mercy, burst into tears. “Miss, please save me! Please save me!” the teenager begged as he looked pleadingly into Astrid’s eyes.

As frantic as Astrid was, she couldn’t bring herself to strip in public. To make matters worse, not only did no one else step in to help, but several people had also begun urging Astrid to take her clothes off.

After all, there was no way anyone would want to pass up on the opportunity to watch one of Jadeborough’s finest beauties perform a strip show.

“Are you still not going to strip?” Edgar said while tightening his grip around the teenager’s neck, leaving the latter unable to speak or breathe.

When Astrid saw the child turning red in the face and with his eyes bulging out, she became even more anxious and upset.

She felt so helpless at that moment that all she could do was clench her fists and bite her lip in frustration.

“Hurry up and take your clothes off! Saving a life is a noble act…”

“What’s the big deal about stripping? Just close your eyes and pretend there’s no one else around!”

“Come on! Quit wasting our time…”

With the crowd urging her on so relentlessly, Astrid’s tears started to flow.

My goodness. Why must I be subject to such treatment? Oh, how I wish I had listened to Dad. If I hadn’t snuck out, none of this would’ve happened! Argh! The kid’s dying, and I’m stuck in this dilemma!

“Jared, what the hell is wrong with these people from the martial arts world and prestigious families? It’s bad enough that they aren’t doing anything to help, but must they encourage such despicable behavior?” Colin fumed, disgusted by the crowd’s demands for Astrid to strip.

“The martial arts world is an utter cesspool…” Jared replied flatly.

Meanwhile, Astrid had dealt with her inner conflict and began to peel her clothes off slowly.

When the crowd saw that she had unfastened her first button, they quickly fell silent and watched with bated breath.

“I can’t believe the eldest son of the Deragons would use a child to threaten a lady to strip. How much more shameless can you get?”

With that, a roar rang out, followed by a strong, terrifying wave of energy that shot toward Edgar and struck his arm.

The strike was so powerful that the latter instantly dropped the teenager.

“Who’s that?” Edgar shouted frantically.

What? Is there another martial arts expert hiding in the crowd?

Without further ado, Jared stood up and leaped into the martial arts arena, his gaze fixed firmly on Edgar.

“Jared Chance…” Edgar said through gritted teeth as a fresh swell of rage rose in him.

Oh, this is perfect. I’ve been looking for Jared to no avail, and now, he’s saved me the effort by showing up himself!

The crowd, too, couldn’t help but reel in shock. After all, Jared had disappeared for several months, so his reappearance came like a bolt from the blue.

Astrid, in particular, felt a sudden sense of security when she saw the man.

“J-Jared, when did you get here?” she asked.

“I’ve always been here,” Jared replied with a smile. “Go on. Take the kid away.”

Astrid quickly nodded and did as instructed.

Renee, who had noticed Jared smiling at Astrid, immediately turned to Lizbeth. “Lizbeth, do you think Jared has fallen for that woman? What if he decides to date her too?”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” Colin quickly interjected. “Jared isn’t that kind of person. He already has Lizbeth and Josephine, so there’s no way he’d look for other women.”

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