`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1610 by desirenovel

Chapter 1610 Do Not Mind

Renee pouted angrily. “Even if Jared doesn’t look for other women, that doesn’t mean other women wouldn’t throw themselves at him. There’s something odd about the way Astrid stares at him…”

“There, there. Enough with your wild guesses. Jared is a man among men, so it’s hardly surprising that he’s popular with the ladies. I won’t mind if he has other women…” Lizbeth said with a smile, seemingly unbothered by the prospect of Jared dating more women.

After hearing that, Renee and Colin were rendered speechless. Meanwhile, Jared and Edgar’s face-off was getting increasingly intense in the martial arts arena.

Both men radiated a menacing aura as their eyes filled with murderous intent. “Jared, we shall fight to the death today. I’ll no longer give you a chance to live…” Edgar said confidently. “Oh? Are you sure you can defeat me?”

Edgar instantly burst into maniacal laughter. “Hahaha! You’re merely a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis, so how can you compare to me, a Greater Martial Arts Marquis? Besides, didn’t you see how I defeated Skylar earlier? He had to run away with his tail tucked between his legs. I can’t believe you have the guts to stand up against me. Should I praise you for your bravery or cry for your stupidity?”

“Is that so?” Jared scoffed. “I think my power as a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis is sufficient to crush you. Have you forgotten that I’m used to sparring with those of higher ranks? You couldn’t beat me in the past, and neither will you now! In my eyes, you’ll always be trash. You even have to rely on spirits for your cultivation, for goodness’ sake! Without the spirit’s help, you’d be utterly pathetic and useless. Anyone here would be able to kill you with one strike!”

Needless to say, Jared’s words cut Edgar deep.

“You have a death wish, Jared Chance! Since that’s the case, let me fulfill it for you!” the latter bellowed before releasing an aura that once again morphed into a giant black hand.

As the hand flew toward Jared, he raised a glowing fist and threw a punch.

The next second, a light beam shot up into the sky and struck the giant hand.


As soon as the explosion rang out, everyone realized Jared’s attack had crushed the hand into smithereens and reduced it into a black mist.

There was no mistaking Edgar’s anger as his face contorted with rage.

Jared, however, remained motionless, his eyes cold and piercing.

Even though the two men had just exchanged their first blows, Edgar could already feel that Jared’s strength as a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis was comparable to that of Skylar’s.

Alas, the more he saw how calm Jared was, the more he burned with anger.

With his fists tightly clenched, Edgar released bursts of his Greater Martial Arts Marquis aura and promptly enveloped Jared with it.

To his surprise, the latter merely smirked and radiated rays of golden light that dissipated the aura into nothingness.

“You’re a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis, yet your powers are comparable to that of a newly promoted Greater Martial Arts Marquis. I must admit you’re rather gifted,” Edgar uttered coldly. “However, it’s your misfortune to have met me today. I may have just been promoted to this cultivation level, but I’m also the first Greater Martial Arts Marquis to have undergone and survived lightning tribulation. My current powers can rival that of a Third Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis’, so you have no chance of defeating me!”

A sneer instantly crept across Jared’s face. “Really? How can you be so sure I won’t win you if you haven’t tried fighting me? You may be as powerful as a Third Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis, but you’re also missing an arm. That’s your shortcoming…”

Naturally, those words pushed Edgar over the edge. D*mn it! How dare Jared mention my arm when he was the one who chopped it off!

“Don’t be so full of yourself, Jared,” Edgar taunted as he stared daggers at the man in front of him. “Have you forgotten that your mother and girlfriend are under my control? What gives you the right to talk big to me when you couldn’t even protect your loved ones?”

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