`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1617 by desirenovel

Chapter 1617 Worried Too Much

Edgar stood up, his gaze sweeping over those who were mocking him. Having sensed his murderous intent, all of them instantly clamped their mouths shut. The match was not over yet, so there was no guarantee that Jared would emerge victorious.

Earlier, Jared had been in a disadvantageous position but managed to overcome it during the battle. If Edgar were to gain an opportunity to defeat Jared and managed to do so, those people who were laughing at him would be done for.

Jared slowly descended from midair and landed steadily in front of Edgar. “I already told you that you can’t escape. One of us will die today,” Jared stared at him and said in a cold voice.

“How are you able to break even space?” Panic was swirling about in Edgar’s eyes, his brows tightly knitted together. “I’m not just going to break space; I’m going to shatter your skull.”

With that, Jared stepped forward and swung his fist with menacing force. His fist shone brilliantly with golden light as it headed for Edgar with terrifying velocity, illuminating the entire place.

Edgar turned pale with fright. Black light started emanating from his body as he prepared to block Jared’s attack.


However, it was futile. The attack shattered the black light surrounding his body and sent him flying.

As his body shot through the air, Edgar coughed up a mouthful of blood while his face contorted in pain.

When the crowd saw that, they got excited and started heckling again.

“Beat him to death! Finish him off!”

“Go, Jared! Don’t let Edgar get out of this alive!”

“Tear him to pieces!”

Many cheered Jared on while unanimously denouncing Edgar.

As Colin listened to their jeers, his eyes blazed with disdain. What a bunch of spineless wimps. They support whoever is the strongest!

Edgar was furious after hearing the crowd’s taunts. However, there was nothing he could do.

Just then, Jared turned his head to look at the crowd of spectators. Everyone there was from the martial arts world of Jadeborough, encompassing almost all of the sects.

His expression darkened, and he growled coldly, “Whether I finish him off or not has nothing to do with any of you! Don’t think that I’ll forget what all of you did to me just because you’re on my side now.”

His words instantly shut them up, and their expressions grew awkward.

“Hahaha! They’re all just a bunch of fickle-minded fools. I find it sad that the martial arts world has people like them. Jared, you’re a man as well. Give it your best shot, and let us fight to the death.”

Edgar wiped the blood from the edge of his mouth. His spirit slowly materialized, and his body was completely surrounded by black mist.

“A fight to the death?”

The corners of Jared’s lips curled up. “You’re not worthy.”

With that, his body turned into a ray of golden light. Before anyone could blink, he had appeared right in front of Edgar.


He swung his fist again, but this time, with a power capable of destroying the earth. His fist smashed into Edgar’s chest and caused it to cave in, making his entire body contort.

“This guy is stronger than I thought. It looks like I was worried over nothing…”

Arthur slowly rose from his seat and left the stands.

He felt like he had wasted a trip here. He could imagine and even believed that Jared would win.


Edgar let out a deafening roar. He needed an outlet to vent his anger.

It dawned on him that he did not even have the ability to fight back against Jared.

He could not bring himself to accept the vast difference between their abilities.

“Stay calm. You must stay calm. We still stand a chance…” the old voice in Edgar’s head kept urging.

As soon as it stopped speaking, a black shadow clone writhed its way out of Edgar’s body.

Each shadow clone that emerged from his body emanated an incredibly strong aura.

Edgar watched as the shadow clones continued to multiply, frozen in shock.

What the heck are these things?

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