`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1626 by desirenovel

Chapter 1626 Never Expected You To Be Still Alive

At that, the four elites of the Deragon family finally snapped back to their senses. They quickly took out the letter and gingerly stepped forward. “Mr. Hargreaves, this is a letter for you from the head of our family.”

One of them carefully held the letter out. With just a wave of Santiago’s hand, the letter appeared in his hand.

Opening the letter, he merely took a look at it before surprise flashed across his eyes. In the next moment, delight and excitement danced in them.

Slowly lifting his head, he fixated his gaze on Beatrice, whose face was obscured by a black cloth. “I never expected this. Truly, it has never crossed my mind…”

He slowly got to his feet before waving a hand. At once, the black cloth over Beatrice’s head fell to the ground, revealing her stunning countenance. At the sight of her, all four elites of the Deragon family were taken aback.

Having all been nurtured by the Deragon family as trump cards, they naturally know of her. In fact, they have a bit of knowledge about the turn of events that had transpired within the Deragon family.

But even then, they never expected her to be still alive. “I never expected you to be still alive, Bea. I’m so glad. This is great!”

With joy written all over his face, Santiago hurried over to Beatrice. No one saw how he moved, but in the blink of an eye, he reached Beatrice.

On the contrary, Beatrice merely stared at him expressionlessly. The instant Santiago noticed the chains around her, however, his eyes blazed with fury.

“How dare they!” He reached out and removed the chains on her before swinging his gaze to the four elites of the Deragon family and demanding, “What’s the meaning of this?”

Sensing the rage emanating off him, the four elites of the Deragon family panicked.

“It was the head of our family’s doing, Mr. Hargreaves! We had no idea about it all!” they all hastily explained.

“Hmph!” In response, Santiago snorted. Before anyone could see him making a move, a light blue flame enveloped the four men.

The four elites of the Deragon family immediately screamed in agony.

In just a second, they were all reduced to ashes. In the end, a gust of wind blew past, and even the ashes disappeared without a trace.

It was as though they had never been there.

They were four advanced-phase Martial Arts Marquises, yet they were all gone without much effort.

If those from the martial arts world were to witness that, their jaws would undoubtedly drop.

After dealing with those four elites of the Deragon family, Santiago turned to Beatrice.

“I never thought that I could see you again, Bea. It’s been over twenty years, but you’re still as beautiful and alluring as ever. How have you been all these years? Do you know how devastated I was when you fled to hide from me?”

He gazed at her in surprise and exhilaration, but Beatrice remained silent, her face devoid of expression. Twenty-plus years of confinement had long since stripped her of all emotional attachments.

Other than Jared, nothing else could induce any emotion within her.

Beatrice’s silence had Santiago frowning slightly. He stepped forward and took her hands lightly.

She didn’t dodge or protest, acting just like a robot.

Just when he grasped her hands and was about to say something, his expression abruptly changed, and he swiftly backed away.

“Take Bea to the side hall right away, Calanthe. Take good care of her. I’ll kill you if she’s unhappy in the slightest!” Santiago instructed the maidservant.

“Understood!” Wearing an anxious expression, Calanthe stepped forward and gently supported Beatrice, leading the latter toward the back.

“Oh yes, keep this a secret from Roanna!” Santiago asserted.

“Understood!” Calanthe then left with Beatrice.

No sooner had they left than a middle-aged woman hurried to the front entrance.

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