`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1629 by desirenovel

Chapter 1629 Make Peace

When everyone had left, Skylar dropped to his knees. “Greetings, Sir!” Without delay, the man in the black silver robe whipped out a shining scepter from his robes.

“Lord Tanner knows of your situation, so he specially sent me to give you a sacred martial arts relic. This sacred martial arts relic can protect you at critical moments.”

As he said that, he handed the scepter to Skylar. Skylar stared at the scepter, his gaze scorching like fire. This is a sacred martial arts relic—the one used by a Martial Arts Saint!

Although he had no idea what had become of the owner of that sacred martial arts relic, it would be child’s play to use a sacred martial arts relic infused with a Martial Arts Saint’s power to defeat a Martial Arts Marquis.

“Please convey my thanks to Lord Tanner. I’ll definitely do my best to manage Warriors Alliance!” he vowed with exhilaration written all over his face.

“Lord Tanner said that Jared is a rare talent, so it’s best if he can be persuaded over to our side. If that doesn’t work, make peace with him for the time being. Don’t have any more conflicts with him. You’ve got far more important things to do!” the man in the black silver robe asserted.

“Sir, his girlfriend is still confined in Warriors Alliance’s dungeon. If we make peace with him, we’ll have no choice but to release his girlfriend,” Skylar murmured, looking all conflicted.

How could Jared possibly interact with Warriors Alliance peacefully if we don’t release Josephine? In response, the man in the black silver robe snorted.

“What an idiot! What’s so important about her when she’s merely a woman? Warriors Alliance has tons of resources now, so just promise him some. Given a choice between a woman and resources, I believe that all cultivators will choose the latter!”

“Understood!” Skylar nodded profusely, for he knew the consequences if he were to offend a Black Silver Robe elder.

As a black mist started spreading, the man in the black silver robe vanished into thin air. With the scepter in hand, Skylar scrambled up to his feet, a manic light blazing in his eyes.

Now that he had the scepter, he didn’t want to make peace with Jared. Instead, he wanted to kill the man, avenging his father and the entire Norton family.

Just as the intent of killing Jared seized him, the spirit in his mind suddenly cautioned, “You’d best do as Lord Tanner says. Otherwise, both of us will die a tragic death.”

The spirit’s warning had him suppressing the urge for revenge at once. “Someone!” Skylar shouted. “What can I do for you, P-President Norton?” a member of Warriors Alliance asked.

He was exceedingly careful when addressing the man, fearful that he would also lose his life. “Go and seek Jared out. Tell him that I’d like to invite him over to Warriors Alliance to discuss something!” Skylar ordered.

“Seek… Seek Jared out?” Terror showed in the eyes of the member of Warriors Alliance.

After all, they were well aware of Jared’s current capabilities and the fact that the latter hated Warriors Alliance to the bone. Wouldn’t I simply be courting death to go and seek him out?

“Didn’t you hear me?” Skylar boomed, his brows creasing at the sight of the man’s terrified expression.

“Yes! Understood!”

The member of Warriors Alliance hastily took his leave. Skylar, on the other hand, sighed. “I never thought that Jared brought such great pressure on Warriors Alliance.”

“With the sacred martial arts relic, you don’t need to be afraid anymore. You can talk to him nicely,” the spirit commented placidly.

“I just worry that he won’t play by the book. He’s a strange bloke.”

It wasn’t that Skylar didn’t want to talk to Jared nicely since he would be able to cultivate without having to worry about anything if they really managed to make peace.

When I’m powerful enough, I’ll be able to find a chance to exact revenge upon him!

“You’ve got to brandish the sacred martial arts relic when you talk to him so that he sees the threat. Then, things will go much smoother!” the spirit suggested. “You’re right!” Skylar nodded in agreement.

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