`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1632 by desirenovel

Chapter 1632 I Am Very Busy

“What’s there to discuss?” Jared asked. “I do not know. I’m merely the messenger.” The member of Warriors Alliance shook his head. Jared frowned slightly. As his brows drew closer, his spiritual sense invaded the mind of the messenger from Warriors Alliance.

With the help of his spiritual sense, he discovered that the man was not lying. Convinced, Jared retracted his spiritual sense and waved his hand, releasing the man. “My Lord, could there be something afoul for Skylar to invite you out of the blue?” Axton queried.

“It has to be a trap. Skylar has always been a sly bugger. He’s always trying to scam others. There is no way you should believe anything he says!” Leviathan interjected.

Jared remained silent as his brows remained tightly knitted. He seemed to be deep in his thoughts. After a moment of consideration, Jared breathed out a sigh. “I’ll go to Warriors Alliance. I shall see for myself what tricks Skylar has up his sleeves.”

Jared had decided to accept the invitation. After all, Josephine was in their hands. Jared himself was well aware that Skylar was a malicious man. If Jared rejected the invitation, he might lay a hand on Josephine. Thus, Jared would rather prevent that scenario from becoming a reality.

“Jared, you have to be careful. I’ve heard of Skylar too. He’s a scheming person…” Rayleigh could not help but warn Jared. “Don’t worry, Mr. Deragon. In the face of absolute power, no schemes will prosper!”

With a smile, Jared began to make his way to Warriors Alliance. In the meantime, Skylar had gotten ready the moment he received the news that Jared was coming.

The scepter was placed right next to his hand. Several dozens of people were positioned at all corners of the hall, and all of them were Martial Arts Marquis!

Josephine played an undeniable role in the immense abilities that Warriors Alliance had. Even though the scepter was in his hand, Skylar was still beyond nervous about the encounter.

“Don’t be anxious. You have a sacred martial arts relic in your hand. Jared can’t do anything to you. Furthermore, his girlfriend is a hostage. If he dares try to kill you, use his girlfriend as bait to threaten him! However, Lord Tanner wants a peace treaty this time. It would be best if you can rope in Jared! If possible, promise him more resources!” The spirit’s voice sounded in Skylar’s mind.

“I’ll try my best!” Skylar nodded in response.

Even so, Skylar did not have high hopes with regard to the peace treaty with Jared. He knew Jared’s character all too well.

However, since that was an order from the higher-ups, there was nothing he could do except comply.

It was almost nightfall when Jared’s figure finally showed up at the entrance of Warriors Alliance.

At the sight of Jared, the guards at the entrance immediately stepped aside, distancing themselves as far as possible from Jared. No one dared to stand in his way.

When it came to Jared, the members of Warriors Alliance felt like mice in front of a cat.

Jared headed into the main hall without hesitation. Upon his arrival, he noticed Skylar who was waiting for him.

The moment Jared stepped through the doors, his attention focused on the scepter in Skylar’s hand.

A massive wave of aura emitted from the scepter.

Jared narrowed his eyes slightly.

Looks like Skylar really does plan on playing games.

Meanwhile, Skylar had noticed that the scepter had caught Jared’s attention. The corners of his lips lifted slightly as he rose to his feet. “Jared, you’re here! Please take a seat. Would you like some tea?”

Within seconds of Skylar’s command, someone got Jared a cup of tea.

Jared did not bother with the formalities either and took a seat opposite Skylar straight away. “Why did you ask for me? Spit it out. I’m very busy.”

Jared’s attitude caused Skylar’s temper to flare up in an instant. Nevertheless, he did not dare to lose his temper. With great difficulty, Skylar feigned a smile. “I’ve asked you here to discuss the possibility of a peace treaty. After all, we’d do better to be friends than to make new enemies. Let leave the unpleasant past between you and Warriors Alliance behind. We should let go of the hatred we have for each other.”

Jared peered at Skylar wordlessly. All of a sudden, he leaned forward, closing the distance between Skylar and himself, scaring the wits out of the latter.

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