`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1635 by desirenovel

Chapter 1635 Fools

Jared tutted and smirked at Skylar in response to the latter’s outburst. “What have I done? Honestly, did you think I was going to be grateful for this after what you’ve done to my girlfriend? The end of Warrior’s Alliance draws closer with each day you hold her captive,” replied Jared nonchalantly.

Having said that, Jared turned on his heel and left. “Jared, you’re going overboard!” This time, Skylar was truly enraged. The scepter in his hand buzzed with power as he planned to attack Jared.

Following Skylar’s angered roar, a group of hidden Martial Arts Marquises stepped out from the shadow, surrounding Jared. Jared’s gaze swept around his surroundings. With a smirk, he said, “You think you can stop me?”

As he said that, a terrifyingly threatening aura radiated from his body. The aura immediately sent the marquises falling to their knees one by one. Some of them even vomited blood.

The absolute power wielded by Jared could not be overcome by mere numbers. When Skylar saw that, he gripped the sacred martial arts relic in his hands tightly. Despite his initial bravado, Skylar was still quite timid.

“So, are you going to take me on? If you do, I’ll even let you get a few extra hits in. Otherwise, p*ss off.” Jared pinned an icy glare on Skylar, having successfully trampled on what was left of Skylar’s dignity.

Skylar, on the other hand, had a dark look on his face but he still dared not make a move. “What fools.”

After saying that, Jared wasted no time in leaving the area. Skylar did not budge until Jared had left the premises.

The moment Jared set one foot outside, Skylar could feel his rage surge once more. With a violent wave, Skylar shook the scepter in his hands at Jared’s retreating figure.

The wave sent a strong gust of wind that blasted through the Warriors Alliance gates. “Jared, I swear I’ll make you pay!” roared Skylar, his expression one of cold rage.

After leaving Warriors Alliance, Jared made his way to the Deragon residence. The atmosphere at the Deragon residence was quite lively, given that many prestigious families had defected to join them.

With Jared backing the Deragon family, a lot of people were willing to ally themselves with the Deragons.

Godrick then noticed that Jared had arrived and went to greet him. “Mr. Chance, we’ve taken in this many—”

Godrick intended to give Jared an update. However, Jared waved a hand and cut him short. “There’s no need for such formalities. After all, I also have Deragon blood flowing in my veins. If anything, you should address me as you would your kin.”

Jared had initially despised the Deragons to his very core.

However, Ryker and his father were now dead. A lot of the Deragons did not know that the incident was orchestrated by Ryker himself, and Jared had no intention of punishing them too.

Jared’s words had initially stunned Godrick, but he then felt quite excited. Deep down, Godrick knew that Jared had now accepted the Deragons and himself, by extension.

“Jared, we now have several prestigious families who have allied themselves with us, amongst countless others who want to pledge fealty to us. I reckon we should form an alliance of our own so that we can fight against Warriors Alliance.”

Jared paused before continuing, “However, there’s a minor hiccup. The Deragons don’t have the resources to maintain such a large alliance. I’m afraid this is going to be quite the challenge.”

“Well, I’ll let you preside over matters concerning the alliance. However, you would need to weed out the fence-sitters. As for resources, I have thought of something. Please ask someone to fetch me a pen and some paper,” replied Jared.


With a nod, Godrick sent for the required items.

When Jared entered the room, he closed his eyes slightly as he vividly recollected what he intended to do. Immediately, he got to work putting his thoughts on paper.

Everything that he was writing down was what he had seen in the tome belonging to Warriors Alliance.

Even though Skylar did not allow Jared to take the tome with him, Jared’s photographic memory allowed him to remember the necessary information with ease. He had even drawn maps leading to the locations.

Very quickly, Jared managed to put together a list of ruins and their corresponding maps.

Godrick, on the other hand, stood there in a daze, unsure of what Jared was doing.

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