`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1637 by desirenovel

Chapter 1637 Deserving

When Hailey’s spiritual sense penetrated Jared’s mind, Jared retaliated with a flash of golden light that immediately severed her connection to the recesses of his mind.

“Ah!” exclaimed Hailey. “Ms. Hargreaves! Are you okay?” asked Autumn hurriedly. “W-what a powerful spiritual sense he has!”

Hailey’s expression suddenly turned extremely sour. When Jared noticed that Hailey had used her spiritual sense, he saw no need to conceal his own.

He mustered his own spiritual sense and threw it at Hailey’s mind, trying to find out exactly who Hailey was. Just as Jared’s spiritual sense approached Hailey’s mind, he saw that Autumn’s body started to emit a faint purple glow.

When the rays of his spiritual sense came into contact with Autumn’s glow, they were immediately banished, leaving him with no room for retaliation.

Jared was dumbstruck at this, looking at the pair with eyes wide in disbelief.

A person who could so easily defeat his spiritual sense had to be more powerful than he was.

“When did we have so many elites in Jadeborough?” muttered Jared to himself.

Jared could not believe that a woman so young could have so much power.

“Ms. Hargreaves, let’s go!” urged Autumn.

“What are you so scared of? This man is no match for you!” retorted Hailey.

She then glared icily at Jared.

Hailey was still upset at him. When Jared so unceremoniously severed her spiritual sense from his mind, Hailey was quite shocked.

“Ms. Hargreaves, if we linger outside for too long, Mr. Hargreaves will punish me for this,” whined Autumn unhappily.

Hailey sighed in resignation after seeing the look on Autumn’s face. “Fine. We’ll leave.”

She then stood up and followed Autumn out of the restaurant. Jared, on the other hand, also left without having had a single bite of food.

He was very curious about the two women. Where did such powerful cultivators come from?

One had to know that spiritual energy was currently quite scarce. It was not easy to cultivate and achieve that particular level.

Jared had relied on the power of the Focus Technique as well as other opportunities to attain the Greater Martial Arts Marquis cultivation level.

As Autumn and Hailey moved ahead, Jared followed them from behind.

“Are you out of your mind? Why the heck are you following us?” yelled Hailey.

She had reached the limits of her patience.

“Miss, I bear you no ill will. I just want to get to know you both…”

All Jared wanted to know was how the two women managed to cultivate to this extent when there was a scarcity of spiritual energy.

“You want to get to know us?” Hailey scoffed. “I bet you’re just looking to score!”

“I’ve seen dozens of men like you,” she sneered. “You’re just trying to wheedle your way into our beds because you think we’re pretty! Why don’t you take a good look at yourself first? Do you think you deserve us?”

Hailey’s sudden taunting left Jared feeling quite confused.

Jared truly only wanted to know which sect they belonged to and had no intention of bedding either one of them.

He had also not expected Hailey to be so blunt.

“Miss, I fear you’ve really misunderstood my intentions. I’m not trying to get into bed with you. I just want to get to know you, that’s all!” replied Jared in earnest.

“Who the heck is going to believe that?” retorted Hailey, rolling her eyes at him. “Stop following us, or I will kill you!”

Having said that, Hailey and Autumn walked ahead and disappeared into the night.

Jared was quite stunned. He had never encountered such an unreasonable woman before.

Jared turned around to leave, intending on going back to the restaurant, but he suddenly sensed a fearsome aura very close by.

What soon followed were the sounds of shouting and fighting.

Immediately, Jared broke into a run to see what the commotion was.

At a nearby corner, Jared saw four men dressed in black facing off against Hailey and Autumn.

The men in black were far from weak. When a single blow from them landed on Hailey’s shoulder, she stumbled and spat out blood.

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